How-to: Change the themes and icons of Sony Ericsson P1i

The p1i by default comes with a rather drab theme, and the default ones are no good either. So, to spice up the phone’s look a bit, you can always download new themes(my current one is the PSP original theme from Themebin). While changing the theme is a no-brainer – just download (or beam) the theme(.utz) file to your memory card(or phone memory), use file manager to browse to the location where the theme is saved, click on it and just apply! The new theme – including wallpapers, sound schemes will all be applied. Most themes also come with icon replacements, which replace the original icons with new ones. To check if your theme has icon replacements, Just check if there’s a folder called “resource”, present in the skin archive. IF it’s there then your theme comes with an Icon pack.

For that we’ll have to do a bit of tweaking. No, don’t worry, it won’t cause you P1i to go berserk. First, connect your p1i to the computer via the USB cable(Bluetooth won’t do) in file transfer mode. Once the memory card is detected,  browse to it. Just copy the “resource” folder from the theme folder over to your memory card. When asked to replace or overwrite, just say yes.

This is how my P1i looks, with the PSP original theme.

P1i Main Menu          P1i Standby Screen

  1. @Santosh For me, I pick one theme, then I never change it

    @Mayank, Rajesh No Vista themes for me. Right now I’m using a PSP themewith few icons from teh iPhone them. Looks good as my flickr pics show

  2. @Zah You can find the themes on the web – just google for Sony Ericsson P1i themes. The theme and resource file will be there with the theme archive.

  3. @sathya do i copy the whole resource folder or only its contents to the root directory. note: my phone is W960i, no memory card. thanks again.

  4. i have downloaded theme..their preview comes w/ a different icon.. but it appears that when i install them its the same as the default… i can’t understand the archieve that ur talking about

  5. how to find the resource file in the file theme???…i already dowload it..but i can’t find it….can someone tech me how???????

  6. Hi.Anyone has new P1i icons to download? Also am looking for a free english dictionary & the monoploy game for my SE PI1


  7. i hav a w960i n i want to change the theme,but whichever theme i download comes in a zipped folder format which is not supported in the cell.

  8. I was able to install the PSP Theme and the icons. I am trying to get the default icons back, but unable to…. what should I do to get the default icons

    • Steve – you can go back to the original icons, for this, you’ll have to delete some files, from your memory card.
      Now from your memory card, head over to Resource folder. From there, goto Apps folder, and delete ALaunchIcon.mbm file. Come back to Resource folder, enter ZSLIB folder, and delete ZSLIB.mbm file.
      Restart your phone, the original icons will be back :)

      Note that you need a tool like Swiss task manager to delete these files, or else just remove the memory card, insert it into a card reader into your laptop/desktop and delete the above mentioned files.
      DOn’t forget to restart your phone!

  9. If I edit this theme in theme creator n changed the background and sound … Is the Icon back to standard os still with PSP icon?

  10. Hi,i’ve already had a new icon for my W960 coz i’m bored with psp icon 😉 i want to ask u,do u know where i can get the right driver 4 my phone? I’ve been download 2 version but ìt still can’t explore root folder from my phone like c:/resource which i can’t find it. Please help me

  11. Hi Sathya, I think my problem is the same with ricci, there is no external memory card in W960i, Once I copy “resource” files to root it says “operation not permitted”. How can I solve this kind of problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. hi frnds on my w960i flash is not working but wen i open service menu and chek . . .it works . . . Bt stil it is nt working in camera option . . Plz gv me a solution

  13. Even some of the themes and softwares are available in zip format . . . Plz tel me in simplified way hw to change icons plz . . . My g.f is also bord wìth dese bulshit icns . . . I wana gv hr surprise. . . Plz help

  14. The post itself is quite simple – I’ve explained what files to copy, where to copy. Connect your phone to PC, use Windows Explorer or MyPhoneExplorer to open the folders mentioned in the post, and extract the files to these folders.
    Reboot. Its as simple as that

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