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Coldplay Releases Their First Song For Download
about Web on 02/05/2008 - like it?

Well first it was Nine Inch Nails offering their single Discipline for free download and now Coldplay
has taken the same route, offering their single “Violet Hill” from their New album “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” forĀ  free download.

Enjoy the song, it’s awesome. Cant’ wait for their album.

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8 comments - really? way cool!

Great News! Thank you, Coldplay is a great band, love their tracks

Written by Manan on 02/05/2008

I forgot I can’t edit comments, just heard the song, cool track!

Written by Manan on 02/05/2008

Manan, yeah indeed it’s a great song! I love Coldplay too!

Written by Sathya on 02/05/2008

yeah it is good. i wanna hear the piano version though. friend said it was good.

Written by Kenneth D on 04/05/2008

Kenneth, Where did you friend hear it?

Written by Sathya on 04/05/2008

Awesome Track! Can’t wait to get their new album :)

Written by Subbu on 04/05/2008

Really nice song. I recently became a Coldplay fan after listening to Yellow and Trouble.
Anxiously waiting for Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends to release.

Written by Ellimist on 05/05/2008

^^ Do listen to their “The Scientist” and “Speed of SOund” amongst other songs, I’m sure you’ll like them :)

Written by Sathya on 05/05/2008

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