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Enable/Disable AutoPlay For Individual Drives
about Tutorials on 04/05/2008 - like it?


Windows’ Autoplay is a neat feature – the moment you pop in a CD/Drive or a Removable drive, autorun.inf file is read, and any executable file mentioned in there is executed. While this seems as a good idea, say, for automated setup installers, Autoplay has gathered some infamy as a virus distribution centre.

With default settings, you can only disable or enable Autoplay totally, not for individual drives. So is there a way to enable Autoplay, say only for individual drives, say, CD Drive? Yes!

For that you’ll need Tweak UI, grab it from here. After installing, launch it.



Click on the “+” mark next to My Computer, head over to AutoPlay, drives, and ensure that a Check mark is placed against only the drives you want AutoPlay to be enabled. Restart your PC. As simple as that.

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5 comments - really? way cool!

Did my pen drive problem remind you to write this post? :| If not, YOU COULD’VE WRITTEN ABOUT IT EARLIER damn it. :-(

Written by Santosh on 05/05/2008

(comment just for the sake of being notified of follow-ups)

Written by Santosh on 05/05/2008

Sorry man Knew about this tip long ago but your incident reminded me to write on it :|

Written by Sathya on 05/05/2008

Well bookmarked it nonetheless.

Written by Santosh on 05/05/2008

Finally I’m on Windows. Did this now. Thanks!

Written by Santosh on 16/06/2008

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