Ubisoft Demonstrates over 20 Minutes of Far Cry 2 Gameplay


Yeah that’s right, twenty freakin’ minutes, and this is just a “teaser”. The devs claim that FarCry 2 has over 50 square kilometers of open area, over 100 missions, and over 50 hours of gameplay(what’s with everything being a multiple of 50, I wonder).

The game looks awesome though, and devs claim that still lot of work needs to be done – which was apparent from the demo, as it crashed mid-way during the demo, and there was lot of tearing and. lagging.

Based on the Dunia engine,  the gameplay demo was pretty awesome – specially the physics.

So, will this be the new Crysis – in terms of hogging system resources that is? Will the question shift from “Will this run Crysis” to “Will this run FarCry2” now ?

Your guess is good as mine.

Till then, enjoy the video

  1. Though Crysis had awesome graphics, It was badly optimized.. Even the latest Geforce GTX 200 Series choke.

    Game Devs need to give more damn to the Optimization and Gameplay rather than make it just look good and forget about the hardware it’s supposed to run on.

    Since Far Cry 2 is also coming for the consoles, I’d rather guess the engine to be quite optimized.

    On similar note: No Trigens! w0000t! Those fsckers in the original Far Cry pissed me off.. One of the reason why I _still_ don’t like Far Cry (save the Graphics).

    Gameplay too seems awesome! Not a Generic Shooter that Crysis was.

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