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My World Gets Spiffier
about Web on 01/07/2008 - like it?

Yup, if you’re reading this you obviously must have noticed the new theme for my blog, My World. I’d been using a slightly modified version of Seven theme, since the inception of My World. I really liked the theme, but it was kinda broken, and with AdBlock Plus addon my blog had a rather bland appearance.

Santosh told me its about time I changed my theme but I wasn’t getting enough time to search for a decent theme, as I’ve been facing rather strict deadlines off late. Santosh was also kind enough to search this fantastic theme, though he’d given it to me a while ago, I couldn’t get time to change it. Today, our office servers were down, and I thought this is a perfect time to dress my My World, and so here you go!

I think I’ll have to modify a bit more though – the links in the tag cloud aren’t picking the CSS value for links for instance. (I’m open to suggestions also by the way), and as you might have noticed, there’s a ticker of screenshots being displayed. Its rather generic now, but I’ll probably change it to something. In case you guys want something to be displayed, drop me a comment as to what you want me to display(and maybe a why too ;) ) and I’d probably fill-it in.

So how do you like the new theme? Drop by a comment and let me know!


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29 comments - really? way cool!

Believe it or not, this thing even loads faster than before. Guess you threw out all the redundant widgets and badges. Thank you Boss. :D

Written by Vimal George on 01/07/2008

wow extremely good looking theme ;) loved it..and it loads faster too…

Written by unitechy on 01/07/2008

Wow! Looks great. About loading fast, I haven’t noticed anything. But the looks are awesome!

Written by Pranav on 01/07/2008

Thanks All :D

@Vimal All badges are there, just replaced the flash ones by javascript ones, that explains why it loads faster@

Written by Sathya on 01/07/2008

The new theme looks absolutely wonderful. As far as the header images is concerned, one thing is you can cycle your own gadgets, the ones you won, along with a few images of you.

Written by Manan on 01/07/2008

Awesome theme man. Nice selection. And definitely it loads faster not only because of new badges but also cos this theme looks less cluttered.

Written by Karthiksn on 01/07/2008

Looks really great man..

Someday, I will start writing things, and make a blog and I will wish its as beautiful as this :)

Written by Reeteshinator on 01/07/2008

Thanks ALL :)

@Manan Yeah that’s a neat idea, will do so.

@Karthiksn I suppose the 3-column helps in reducing the clutter? Plus I’ve reduced the width of the widgets too

@Reetesh Dude start a blog. You have AWESOME writing skills. Start writing on your own blog rather than at GS

Written by Sathya on 02/07/2008

Aw man, Thanx for the compliments :) The thing is that, I have this bad habit where I always “think” of numerous things to write and never actually write them, I waste most of my time(4-6 hours a day!) reading RSS feeds and commenting :P Remaining time I post in various Forums.

This has to stop soon! I hope I finish what I am trying to write, tomorrow :P Paused the thing for almost a week!

Usually I choose one day and write it in one sitting :P

Written by Reeteshinator on 02/07/2008

w00t! Lovely theme. The way you’ve arranged your sidebar too is splendid. :D And like everybody said, it’s loading much faster. Maybe you implemented a cache system? Or this theme is better optimized than the previous?

Written by Santosh on 02/07/2008

Well, just as anything else written by me, you may find this comment just too long. Okay, let me start. First of all, I know this would suprise some and some may call me useless or introvert but then, this is the first persoanl blog I have ever seen. I have seen others, specially those related to the products, when google turns them to me.

Now one thing that I liked so much is the theme. yeah, it is certianly one of the most beautiful ones i have seen. Simple, fast and beautiful. Now i had installed wrodpress on my PC and used so many themes over there but I do not remember even a single one whic came even closer what I see on the web page I am writing onto . Anyway since this is the first ever personal blog that I am visiting, that might just be the another reason why i liked it. i never thoguht so much of action goes on the blogs about so many things.

I am thinking of one now for me as well! He he…. just thinking.. and I would like to hear .. keep thinking…. just as I am habituated to do.

Written by The Trojan on 02/07/2008

Pssst… You missed a favicon :P

Written by Santosh on 02/07/2008

Minty refreshing.

That picture on top which keeps changing, you can put a screenshot of the blog of the highest commenter here. That way, you get more visitors who want to comment more, and in return you can give away free advertising there.

I know it might lead to spamming. But free advise :-P

Written by Ashwin S on 02/07/2008

Ya know, that’s actually a good idea! ^^

Written by Santosh on 02/07/2008

@Reetesh: I too have been wondering as to why you don’t blog.

Written by Manan on 02/07/2008

Fantabulous !!!

I love this theme mate… The colors used are awesome, very pleasing to the eye :)

Oh Btw, mouseover on twitter updates could do with some tweaking.

Written by Ritesh on 02/07/2008

BTW, I was wondering… where’s the gravatars! Better make your blog gravatar enabled, its pretty handy :D

Written by Reeteshinator on 02/07/2008

@Manan: thanx for the mention… with a push from all of you, maybe I will start writing soon :D

Written by Reeteshinator on 02/07/2008

Thanks guys!
@Santosh no caching implemented, seems the theme is very optimized, Favicon will come soon.

@The Trojan Thanks for dropping by

@Ashwin: Nice idea, will do that ;)

@Ritesh, Reetesh (yup 2 different guys :P ) Will implement them soon, right now I’m stuck on a project with deadline nearing.

Written by Sathya on 03/07/2008

Insanely Handsome theme.
Too fast too !!!

Written by Aravind on 03/07/2008

The ticker is linking to different websites for different images…

Wow. What a way, Sathya has chosen to greet his friends !!! ;)

Written by Aravind on 03/07/2008

Nice theme Sathyya. I guess this theme was used by Pranav or somebody… Well that was loading a bit slow then, but this loads pretty fast. And well done with the sidebar BTW… :)
And one suggestion; Remove the ad on your footer… Too many ads also slows down your theme..!

Written by Joel on 04/07/2008

Nope. I haven’t used this. It was some orange theme which I had modded to a color scheme similar to this. Talking of all this makes me feel like searching for a great new theme. Thanks for the inspiration Sathya! :D

Written by Pranav on 05/07/2008

OMG! This is Sodelicious2? I had recommended this theme to Sameer. Since he didn’t want to use it, I thought I’d use it later and downloaded and kept it in my WAMP Server directory. Never checked it out. I didn’t know it looked so beautiful!

Written by Pranav on 05/07/2008

@Joel Will do, more tweaks soon. After July 17th.

@Pranav Yup, this is sodelicious2 green, Santosh suggested it, even I didn’t think this one will be so beautiful, only after applying I realized it!

Written by Sathya on 07/07/2008

nice site

remove the smiley border and get padding right too.

border:none !important;
padding:0 !important;
margin:0 !important;


Written by T on 10/07/2008

@T Thanks for dropping by and also the CSS code! Appreciate it! Welcome to my blog :)

Written by Sathya on 13/07/2008

[…] My World “Comment And Win” Contest!(Well, Sorta) Add Couple weeks ago I’d changed my theme to sodelicious2 and that put me in a spot of bother, as there was a gallery-which showed some pics […]

Written by The My World “Comment And Win” Contest!(Well, Sorta) - My World on 15/07/2008

@Reetesh here you go

Written by Sathya on 17/07/2009

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