My World Gets Spiffier

Yup, if you’re reading this you obviously must have noticed the new theme for my blog, My World. I’d been using a slightly modified version of Seven theme, since the inception of My World. I really liked the theme, but it was kinda broken, and with AdBlock Plus addon my blog had a rather bland appearance.

Santosh told me its about time I changed my theme but I wasn’t getting enough time to search for a decent theme, as I’ve been facing rather strict deadlines off late. Santosh was also kind enough to search this fantastic theme, though he’d given it to me a while ago, I couldn’t get time to change it. Today, our office servers were down, and I thought this is a perfect time to dress my My World, and so here you go!

I think I’ll have to modify a bit more though – the links in the tag cloud aren’t picking the CSS value for links for instance. (I’m open to suggestions also by the way), and as you might have noticed, there’s a ticker of screenshots being displayed. Its rather generic now, but I’ll probably change it to something. In case you guys want something to be displayed, drop me a comment as to what you want me to display(and maybe a why too 😉 ) and I’d probably fill-it in.

So how do you like the new theme? Drop by a comment and let me know!


  1. The new theme looks absolutely wonderful. As far as the header images is concerned, one thing is you can cycle your own gadgets, the ones you won, along with a few images of you.

  2. Thanks ALL 🙂

    @Manan Yeah that’s a neat idea, will do so.

    @Karthiksn I suppose the 3-column helps in reducing the clutter? Plus I’ve reduced the width of the widgets too

    @Reetesh Dude start a blog. You have AWESOME writing skills. Start writing on your own blog rather than at GS

  3. Aw man, Thanx for the compliments 🙂 The thing is that, I have this bad habit where I always “think” of numerous things to write and never actually write them, I waste most of my time(4-6 hours a day!) reading RSS feeds and commenting 😛 Remaining time I post in various Forums.

    This has to stop soon! I hope I finish what I am trying to write, tomorrow 😛 Paused the thing for almost a week!

    Usually I choose one day and write it in one sitting 😛

  4. w00t! Lovely theme. The way you’ve arranged your sidebar too is splendid. 😀 And like everybody said, it’s loading much faster. Maybe you implemented a cache system? Or this theme is better optimized than the previous?

  5. Well, just as anything else written by me, you may find this comment just too long. Okay, let me start. First of all, I know this would suprise some and some may call me useless or introvert but then, this is the first persoanl blog I have ever seen. I have seen others, specially those related to the products, when google turns them to me.

    Now one thing that I liked so much is the theme. yeah, it is certianly one of the most beautiful ones i have seen. Simple, fast and beautiful. Now i had installed wrodpress on my PC and used so many themes over there but I do not remember even a single one whic came even closer what I see on the web page I am writing onto . Anyway since this is the first ever personal blog that I am visiting, that might just be the another reason why i liked it. i never thoguht so much of action goes on the blogs about so many things.

    I am thinking of one now for me as well! He he…. just thinking.. and I would like to hear .. keep thinking…. just as I am habituated to do.

  6. Minty refreshing.

    That picture on top which keeps changing, you can put a screenshot of the blog of the highest commenter here. That way, you get more visitors who want to comment more, and in return you can give away free advertising there.

    I know it might lead to spamming. But free advise 😛

  7. Fantabulous !!!

    I love this theme mate… The colors used are awesome, very pleasing to the eye 🙂

    Oh Btw, mouseover on twitter updates could do with some tweaking.

  8. Thanks guys!
    @Santosh no caching implemented, seems the theme is very optimized, Favicon will come soon.

    @The Trojan Thanks for dropping by

    @Ashwin: Nice idea, will do that 😉

    @Ritesh, Reetesh (yup 2 different guys 😛 ) Will implement them soon, right now I’m stuck on a project with deadline nearing.

  9. Nice theme Sathyya. I guess this theme was used by Pranav or somebody… Well that was loading a bit slow then, but this loads pretty fast. And well done with the sidebar BTW… 🙂
    And one suggestion; Remove the ad on your footer… Too many ads also slows down your theme..!

  10. Nope. I haven’t used this. It was some orange theme which I had modded to a color scheme similar to this. Talking of all this makes me feel like searching for a great new theme. Thanks for the inspiration Sathya! 😀

  11. OMG! This is Sodelicious2? I had recommended this theme to Sameer. Since he didn’t want to use it, I thought I’d use it later and downloaded and kept it in my WAMP Server directory. Never checked it out. I didn’t know it looked so beautiful!

  12. @Joel Will do, more tweaks soon. After July 17th.

    @Pranav Yup, this is sodelicious2 green, Santosh suggested it, even I didn’t think this one will be so beautiful, only after applying I realized it!

  13. nice site

    remove the smiley border and get padding right too.

    border:none !important;
    padding:0 !important;
    margin:0 !important;


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