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Opening Shortly!
about Web on 07/07/2008 - like it?

No need to describe anything. The picture says it all!

Opening Shortly!

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8 comments - really? way cool!

Bahahaha!! You can bet that I’ll be attending the “opening” ceremony. :D

Written by Santosh on 07/07/2008

Cross-posted it here:

Written by Santosh on 07/07/2008

What is opening? Her saree? If not then what’s the big deal?

Written by Manan on 07/07/2008

lol… manan they are smart… keeping that under wraps:P think even if everyone goes knowing that there is a .00001% chance of the “Saree” opening they will get good publicity :D

Written by Kunal on 07/07/2008

I hope i could attend the ceremony

Written by mayank on 07/07/2008

Hey man LAMO ROFL whatsoever. BTW where it is opening will send lotta Press reporters and Parties like VHP bajrang dal and MNS so that it will be headline news =)).

Nice find BTW

Written by Kunal Gautam on 07/07/2008

LOL the pic is from a hoarding at Thrissur. LOL

Written by Karthiksn on 07/07/2008

@Karthik LOL I’ve seen quite a few such humorous hoardings in Kerala, dunno why they’re so common there!

Written by Sathya on 08/07/2008

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