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Contacting Bank of America from India via phone without International outgoing using Collect Call
about Events on 28/11/2012 - like it?

If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you need to contact Bank of America from here in India, but don’t have International outgoing available, here’s a quick tip:

  • Check out AT&T’s Direct Access Dialing Code for India(at the time of writing this, it’s 000117)
  • You’ll reach an Operator. Tell him/her the number you want to Dial. This should be 602.597.2395 for Bank of America. Will be different for others.
  • You’ll be prompted to Enter Calling Card number. Skip entering anything
  • You’ll be asked if you want to initiate a Collect Call. Say yes.
  • Done.

This should work with any organization which uses AT&T and accepts Collect Call, but I haven’t tried with others. I’m writing here because I want to document this for my future use.

This will come in real handy especially in situations where BoA detects Irregular/Fraudulent card activity and wants you to verify the transaction by dialling in – but you have no way of reaching out to an International number. Have your card number & other details ready

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6 comments - really? way cool!

Blogged: Contacting Bank of America from India via phone without International outgoing…

Written by Sathya on 28/11/2012

RT @sathyabhat: Contacting Bank of America from India via phone without International outgoing using Collect Call #BoA

Written by Chethan S on 28/11/2012

Wow! didn’t know about AT&T’s Direct Access Dialing Code. Do they charge for just dialling that? If so, how much?
BTW, I use magicJack (available for Android & iOS) app for making free calls to any number in US & Canada, works great!

Written by Raju on 28/11/2012

@Raju As far as I can recall, there’s no charge for dialing into that number. Thanks for the tip about MagicJack, I’ll try that out.

(FWIW I had actually tried Skype to make a call using my Skype credits, but BoA’s IVRS didn’t register the tones)

Written by sathya on 28/11/2012

I tried calling that BOA number you mentioned with magicJack and got connected to their IVRS

Written by Raju on 28/11/2012

@Raju awesome, thanks for the great tip. Installed it.

Written by sathya on 28/11/2012

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