Diablo III! Diablo III! It’s Going to Be Diablo III!!!

[ad] If you’ve been following Blizzard’s mysterious splash screens for the past several days, then you must have known that Blizzard is upto their sneaky best, updating a splash-screen on a daily basis, teasing the fans. There were several speculations as to what the splash screen could be: a new series, World of Warcraft: Wrath… Read more

Ubisoft Demonstrates over 20 Minutes of Far Cry 2 Gameplay

[ad] Yeah that’s right, twenty freakin’ minutes, and this is just a “teaser”. The devs claim that FarCry 2 has over 50 square kilometers of open area, over 100 missions, and over 50 hours of gameplay(what’s with everything being a multiple of 50, I wonder). The game looks awesome though, and devs claim that still… Read more