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Songs of the week – March 19

Another week of missed songs.. but I’m back.. again. Enjoy ♫♬

Only Love by Ben Howard

Spirit Cold by Tall Heights – watching their performance is truly incredible.

Electric Indigo by The Paper Kites – the chorus start riff is somewhat similar to the one in Bear’s Den’s Red Earth & Pouring but nonetheless a great song to listen to

You Rascal You by Hann El Khatib

And some good ol’ rock to end the post. Yes it’s not new but still a great song. Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

Songs of the week – March 5

I missed last week’s post, but back this week. Enjoy ♫♬

Zac Saber’s Soak Up The Sun : Some lovely guitars and harmonica

Hunck’s Never Had a Dream – some incredibly transcending electronica/sob rock

Rynn’s Islands: Incredibly relaxing song

Sam Roberts Band’s TerraForm: Another great song that’s not been heard much

and rounding up for this week is Ghost’s Square Hammer. Funky video and great music to boot. Bonus feature: Read up on the band. Not your usual stuff.

Till next week!

Songs for the week – Feb 12

Experimenting with something. Decided to make a list of few songs I enjoyed during this week’s commute, one per day. Maybe do it regularly, if possible

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me(Radio Edit) (alternatively, his full track is also good)

The Morning Benders – ‘Excuses (Yours Truly Session)

King Arthur feat. Michael Meaco’s version of the very famous Fatboy Slim’s Praise You

Alternative versions: Radio Edit | Original Mix

Sorcha Richardson – Ruin Your Night (Official Audio)

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