25. My 25th Birthday "Celebration"

March 19 1985, 05:28. Date and time a certain SJ (no, not Steve Jobs, me!) came into this world. Fast forward to March 19, 2010. Today. Yesterday. couple of days ago. 25. I’ve “officially” completed 25 years of which 22 years were spent in Mangalore, 9 months in Austin, and the remaining time in Chennai. Like this:Like Loading…

A much deserved break: The Bangalore trip

First up, Happy New Year folks! I don’t take off from work very often – the main reason being me working in Chennai means it nigh impossible to visit my hometown of Mangalore over the weekend. So generally I have a set routine of work for about 3-4 months, then take a week or so off (often coinciding with some festivals/holidays/extended weekends to get the maximum number of holidays with

The case of the Neverending SMS Series

Most of the Ruby gang are very well aware of the “Stupid SMS series”. For the uninitiated, it was Nitin’s way of…. umm… timepass ? by sending SMS to all of the Ruby gang which made absolutely no sense whatsoever ( I hate to admit it, but it’s true, Nitin is a version of “The Amit“). Anyways back to the post,  couple of days ago, as I was spending time in morning,

How weird are you?

Ever think you’re a weird person? Want to know how weird you are? I found this site while surfing, and according to it, My score is: 89 Of all the weird test takers: 76% are more weird, 9% are just as weird, and 14% are more normal than you! So 76% are more weird than me? COOL! 9% are just as weird? Hmm So I guess I’m a relatively “non-weird”

Some of The Most Embarrassing Moments

Another email forward that I’d got today. Absolutely awesome stuff. Direct copy paste from the mail. [ad] There was a World wide survey of “Most Embarrassing Moment in human life” and the final three incidents are …. Third Place It was the day before my eighteenth birthday. I was living at home, but my parents had gone out for the evening, so I invited my girlfriend over for a romantic

And The Lamest Mouse Award Goes To….

[ad] Preshit’s tweet about him having the lamest mouse triggered a series of “my-mouse-is-lamer-than-yours” tweets, and in midst of that we decided to have a contest – Who’s mouse is the Lamest? So who gets the award? Lets have a look at the contenders Like this:Like Loading…

A Look At Codemasters' GRID

I’m a huge fan of Sports/GT-Racing genre of games. Recently Codemasters had released their newest game, GRID, and I’d downloaded the demo version of GRID couple of days ago and decided to check it out. And yes the visual presentation just blew me away! Everything looks gorgeous, from the menu screens which are alive in 3D, to the loading screens which, instead of the usual flat progress bar, show your

Animator vs Animation – "The Chosen One" [Flash Animation]

[ad] Everyone here at office is bored and jobless, and a lot of stuff is being shared on IPMessenger. Here’s one of the things which was shared. Seems it was downloaded from Atom Films over here, directed by Alan Becker For the bandwidth conscious – its a 4mb file. Like this:Like Loading…

You've Been Tagged!

[ad] Devesh was kind enough to tag me in this 4-things meme, so let me answer most of them(can’t answer two them, not yet experienced 😉 ) and tag the rest! 4 Jobs I’ve Had (in chronological order) Still at my first job 😉 4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Fight Club The Matrix The Godfather, Part I V For Vendetta 4 Places I’ve Lived (in order) Only

Some fun with Build Last.fm

[ad] Ever since I’ve known last.fm via Amarok, I’ve been a huge fan of that site. Today I was going through Build last.fm, which consist of community generated Scripts, stats, plugins and some extras – and was just playing around with some of the apps. Here’s some of them- PS: Bandwidth intensive post ahead! You’ve been warned! Like this:Like Loading…