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Some fun with Build

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Ever since I’ve known via Amarok, I’ve been a huge fan of that site. Today I was going through Build, which consist of community generated Scripts, stats, plugins and some extras - and was just playing around with some of the apps.

Here’s some of them-
PS: Bandwidth intensive post ahead! You’ve been warned!

Badges: Some badges to show my play count
badgeFuture Army BadgesGame Badges

You can get the first badge from Badges Forever and the next 2 badges from badges

Certificates & Diplomas:

Get it from here


Naa, these aren’t your ordinary wallpapers, these wallpapers are generated by analysing the songs you’ve scrobbled, and wallpaper is generated which is a mash-up of your top50 albums! Cool eh!

Here’s a pic of it:
Free Image Hosting at
You can get it from Wallpaper Generator

There’s also an offline version, available here

On a similar note, there’ also a albumart signature generator for Forums, which is dynamically updated.
AlbumArt Signature

Get it from here

Then there’s MoneyCalc, which tells you how much it’d cost for you to purchase the Top50 albums.

(Just FYI, My music archive is worth: 853.40 $)

And finally, there’s Lastfm Caroussel Quilt for Top10 Albums listened To, which you can get from here

There are LOT more of these, you can check them out at Build If you’re a developer, you can submit these over there too!

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