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Well, I’m pretty sure most of you are heavy GMail users. For me GMail is my primary mail service now, with my domain-based mail running on Google Apps. As good as a service GMail is I find certain things annoying - such as the the way it defaults to top posting instead of bottom posting! And of course the default interface is a bit bland. That’s where Better GMail comes in. Better GMail is a collection of Greasemonkey userscripts all rolled into 1 neat Firefox addon!

Some of the features Better GMail has include

  • Support for themes
  • Saved searches
  • Keyboard macros
  • HTML signatures
  • Bottom posting instead of top posting
  • Attachment icons indicating file types
  • Unread mail count in tabs


Better Gmail comes in 2 versions, Better GMail and Better Gmail 2. Better Gmail is for those using the older version of Gmail, and Better GMail2 is for - you guessed it the newer version(you can distinguish between the 2 versions, the newer version will have a link for Older Version in the top right corner).

You can get Better Gmail from here, and better GMail 2 from here.

here’s a screenshot of my GMail after using Better Gmail

Better GMail

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