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Digia have announced, Digia @Web, which is a new, fully finger touch controllable, web browser for UIQ phones. Designed for UIQ 3 and Symbian OS the @Web,  claims to provide the best mobile browsing experience, for Symbian UIQ based devices.  @Web is based on the open-source webkit browsing engine ported to UIQ by Digia.

Some of the features include

  • Full finger touch UI
    • Page control with finger
    • Four zoom levels
    • Intelligent Bookmark functionality
    • URL auto-complete (from history)
    • Automatic full screen browsing via auto-hiding Address bar and Navigation bar
    • Page rotation for portrait and landscape browsing

Browser Engine features

  • HTML 4.01
  • True web page rendering
  • JavaScript™ 1.5
  • HTTP 1.1 with support to secure and non-secure browsing
  • HTTP cache
  • HTTP cookies
  • AJAX support

@Web beta version download is supposed to be available on their website during this month, but as of now, they haven’t put it yet. Will update with the link once they do.

As for device compatibility, all touch enabled UIQ 3 devices such as the Sony Ericsson M600, P990, P1i, G700, G900, W950, W960i,  are supported.


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