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Query For Displaying The Calender of The Current Year using SQL

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Another of things I got via IpMessenger, this query(yes, its a QUERY, not even a full-blown code) returns the calender of the current year. Do note this query will work only in Oracle.

Here’s the query.

SELECT LPAD( MONTH, 20-(20-LENGTH(MONTH))/2 ) MONTH,"Sun", "Mon", "Tue",<br /> "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"<br /> FROM (SELECT TO_CHAR(dt,'fmMonthfm YYYY') MONTH,TO_CHAR(dt+1,'iw') week,<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'1',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Sun",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'2',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Mon",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'3',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Tue",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'4',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Wed",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'5',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Thu",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'6',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Fri",<br /> MAX (DECODE(TO_CHAR(dt,'d'),'7',LPAD(TO_CHAR(dt,'fmdd'),2))) "Sat"<br /> FROM ( SELECT TRUNC(SYSDATE,'y')-1+ROWNUM dt<br /> FROM all_objects<br /> WHERE ROWNUM <= ADD_MONTHS(TRUNC(SYSDATE,'y'),12) - TRUNC(SYSDATE,'y'))<br /> GROUP BY TO_CHAR(dt,'fmMonthfm YYYY'), TO_CHAR( dt+1, 'iw' ))<br /> ORDER BY TO_DATE( MONTH, 'Month YYYY' ), TO_NUMBER(week);

A screenshot of part of the result returned

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