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Bakraaaaa – Tech-Nologic Style!

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Hello This is Kunal . No need to say this is guest post by me. So what the title indicates . It indicates that I’ve made someone bakra . Actually this happen when I was feeling bored [ that’s what I feel always πŸ˜‰ ]. So I tried to make someone bakra on IM . here is that chat log of it [ Name of the person is hidden ]

(11:08:45 PM) Kunal Gautam: Bro you there ?? I want to ask something.
(11:09:13 PM) BAKARA: yup bro
(11:09:17 PM) BAKARA: say
(11:09:34 PM) Kunal Gautam: have u watched BP / BF ?
(11:10:38 PM) BAKARA: say bro
(11:10:44 PM) Kunal Gautam: ?
(11:10:51 PM) BAKARA: ya many times
(11:10:57 PM) Kunal Gautam: naam kya tha
(11:11:05 PM) BAKARA: πŸ˜› why u want ny knowledge??
(11:11:15 PM) BAKARA: they dun hv generally names.I have watched every type english hindi..hard core soft core..amature
(11:11:27 PM) Kunal Gautam: i mean to ask Bhakti Pic / film =)) kuch bhi samajhte hain log aaj kal =))
(11:11:36 PM) BAKARA: πŸ˜‰
(11:12:32 PM) BAKARA: waah waah
(11:14:09 PM) Kunal Gautam: So u r bakra of the day
(11:14:11 PM) Kunal Gautam: πŸ˜›
(11:14:20 PM) Kunal Gautam: welcome to Tech-Nologic Bakra
(11:14:22 PM) Kunal Gautam: =))

Hope so you have enjoyed the chat log as i did.

With Best Regards
Kunal Gautam.

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