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Couple weeks ago I’d changed my theme to sodelicious2 and that put me in a spot of bother, as there was a gallery-which showed some pics and each were linked to, and was wondering what to do with them. Manan suggested that I could show off my gadgets, but then again, apart from my P1i, Inspiron 1520 and the HBH DS 970, don’t have anything else. Ashwin came up with the idea of posting blog pics of highest commenters  here, liked it and so I’m gonna implement it!

Was wondering how to find the highest commenters, since I know a little bit of SQL I came up with a short query and here are the “results”:


Author No. of comments
Santosh 24
Manan 20
Reetesh 18
Karthiksn 11
unitechy 7

So guys, send me those pics so that I can out it up soon!

And people just missed include Mayank, Harshad, Devesh, Ritesh with 5 comments, and Preshit with 4 comments.

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