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After BSNL, Tata Teleservices Rolls Out Their EVDO Service In Chennai

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Nearly 3 months after BSNL had introduced their EVDO(aka mobile/wireless broadband) Tata Teleservices has launched the Photon - their version of the EVDO service.

For the unknown, EVDO is an acronym for Evolution-Data Optimized, which is a CDMA revision which allows for data transfer rates of upto 2.4 Mbps. Before you run out of your house to get a connection, do note that as of now the service is launched only in SELECT, sub urban areas of Chennai.

To know exactly which areas its available in, you’ll have to contact their Customer Care.

Tariff wise well I don’t know what the Hell Tata is thinking. The prices are outrageous - twice that of BSNL EVDO.

For the USB Modem service, they have 3 plans

  1. Hi-Speed 500 Plan which offers 500MB download limit, Rs 700 monthly rental
  2. Hi-Speed 1000 Plan, 1GB download limit, Rs 800 monthly rental
  3. Hi-Speed Unlimited Plan, Rs 1500 monthly rental

The USB modem is available for purchase only, unlike BSNL which offers the device for rentals, and the outright purchase price cost is Rs 3500.

The Photon service device is also available as a router, for business and commercial purposes(I guess), with rather steep price tags.ย  Click here to read more on the Router

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