I was going to my Outlook inbox archive today, I found this absolutely awesome forward mail that I got. And unlike most forwards, this one is 100% true. Being a Konkana myself, I can vouch for this.

Do note that if you’re a non-Mangalorian / non-Konkani you might not understand some points.

If you’ve always wondered what ‘AMCHIGELE’1 meant, then here’s some insight into a typical Konkana2

  • He/She is always bothered about the neighbour’s issues and starts spreading it to the other houses too…(Panchadik)3
  • An Amchigel guy goes with a Gal on his motorbike and happens to go past the temple square4 by mistake. When he reaches home he is grilled on who the girl is and what he was doing with her near a Temple.
  • Temple is always the first priority and all other work is only done at the last minute.
  • A lot of the family members are from one of the Canara Schools in Mangalore.
  • All Therus5 in Dakshina Kannada have to be attended by law.
  • All sentences in Konkani begin and end with “KASA VARSHIK RE!!!”6
  • A lot of other words like MaaDDE VOCCHUN MAR RE7, etc etc  have to be included in between a conversation.
  • Bibey upkari8 is a solid form of Amruth. you have attained Nirvana once it is consumed.
  • Dali thoye9 is considered as Family Deity (kul devu)
  • You have to have a Sharada Calendar in your house… or else you will not know when the Kodial10 theru is!
  • Your second cousins wife’s sister’s son is having a moonji11. You have to make it even if it means changing three buses, you reach just in time for lunch12, which means you have attended the program.
  • All exercise books should be bought from School Book Company to how your loyalty to your caste.
  • The more you eat, the more healthy you will be. Food has to have its quota of excess ghee. Cholesterol is unheard of.
  • If an Amchigele has some work and if someone asks him ” Kai vath re??”13 he comes back running. Legend says that one should not ask such a disastrous question before any work is going to get done.
  • All servings are either less or more than 3 spoons
  • If one hasn’t tasted the podi14 from that Car street shop,charumburi upkari from any one of the 3 stalls at Car Street and Hingashtak15 ===== major problems to the power infinity
  • Panchadik16 during the waiting process before the thera jevana17 is mandatory… and panchadik is panchadified about some person X who is no relation of the speaker, still, speaker gets tensed and has double the share of food.
  • All children studying are first asked whether they study in KREC18 or MIT… other colleges don’t exist.
  • Every sunday atleast one person in the family has to go to Tajmahal. All the effort is to just have a cup of coffee
  • 95%  of  vehicles owned by amchigele’s have their registration number ending with 7,it may also contain more than one 7.
  • 75% of  amchigel engineering students in Mangalore are found in car street every Saturday Evening, and 90% of non-engineering students are found in car street every evening
  • Keerlu19 is eaten slowly…every bite is tender so that one can taste every part of the piece. Come on its a seasonal delicacy! Eat with care.
  • Famous for nightouts,children do it during Sharadha Mahotsav and pulling the chariot during HOD-THERU20 ,students doing it during exams,men doing it during Pallanquin utsav  during car-festival, BUT THE WOMEN do IT for The tasty Kolombe javan21 of OKKUL22

I would like others to bring in a few that I have missed I am sure you have a lot more to share, do comment!

  1. Konkani term for Konkani speaking people []
  2. Konkani People []
  3. Konkani for Gossip []
  4. Car Street area of Mangalore, a major hub where majority Konkanas stay []
  5. Konkani for Rath Yatra, a MAJOR  festival for Konkanas []
  6. Slang []
  7. Konkani for “Go Die!” used as slang again []
  8. Tender Cashewnut Delicacy of Konkanas []
  9. Dal curry []
  10. Another word for Mangalore, especially used by Konkanas []
  11. Konkani for Bramhopadesham []
  12. For any Konkana function, if you show your face for Lunch/Dinner, you’ve marked your attendance. Yes, we are gluttons []
  13. Konkani for “where are you going?” []
  14. bajji []
  15. somewhat like Jal Jeera []
  16. Konkani for Gossip, practiced by Konkani women, especially married ones. Most common topics include family dispute, whose daughter ran with whom and whose son failed in exams []
  17. Konkani for Food served during Rath yatra []
  18. Even though now its known as NIT-K, the age old name retains []
  19. Bamboo shoot []
  20. Literally meaning Big-Rath, the last day of the Rath Festival []
  21. In Konkani, literally translates to Sambar-Lunch/Dinenr []
  22. Konkani celebration of Holi, the next day after Hod-Theru []