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I’ve been trying out Windows 7 RC on my personal laptop for about 2 weeks now – and I’ve been very impressed with Windows 7 (I’ll leave my Windows 7 impressions for another blogpost). One of the best liked features about Windows 7, for me is AeroPeek. Essentially AeroPeek groups all similar Windows into one, and as you hover your mouse over it, It displays all windows open so that you can quickly switch over to it. The picture below will give a good idea of AeroPeek.

I’ve been trying to find a utility which would offer me a similar function for Windows XP, which not much success. Found a few apps but they just simulate the “Show Desktop” kind of a feature, till I came across this post{#aptureLink_rdl7gFs5Ye} at Lifehacker, that is.


I tried it out – and the application – ViGlance{#aptureLink_5cJIo4afMQ} is just fabulous. Just what I wanted. ViGlance emulates the Windows 7 superbar pretty much in an awesome manner. But wait in addition to the grouping of Windows, it also replaces the standard 16×16 icons to 48×48 icons and replaces the Start button with the Start button, with transparency effects to boot. The icing on the cake ? It doesn’t require helfty, screw-with-system-transformation packs, neither does it require installation – Yup its a portable app – and its only frikkin’ 239KB in size! Yeah – read that again.

The obligatory before and after pictures.

After installing ViGlance

Ofcourse, the ViGlance doesn’t have Jumplist feature – but I’m not so bothered about that as I don’t make use of it. I wanted AeroPeek, and I got it.
IMO, this is a must have app for Windows XP & Vista users, especially if you’re sorely missing out on AeroPeek while not on Windows 7.

Download it from here{#aptureLink_VYugKtMNUH} or from here{#aptureLink_GAd3rImzaH}(Direct download, My DropBox).

Do post your comments, or let me know if you use some other app for the same!

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