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Save $250 when installing or upgrading to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition!

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Welcome to Sathya’s first ever giveaway! So you want to get your hands on Visual Studio Professional edition, but find the pricing a little steep ? Here’s a nice way to save $250!

First the basics:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (new purchase) price: $799
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (upgrade) price: $549
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008: Express Edition price: FREE

Here’s the kicker:

To qualify for upgrade pricing, you must be a licensed user of an earlier version of Microsoft Visual Studio or any other developer tool (including free developer tools, such as Visual Studio Express Editions or Eclipse).

So - here’s your $250 off! Install Visual Studio Express Edition and then upgrade it to Visual Studio Professional Edition, saving $250 off  instantly! Now wasn’t that easy?

As on Microsoft’s page and MSDN forums.

PS: Yes, I’m back in India. Will update soon 😐

PPS: You can use Express Edition and save $800 -  but thats according to your requirements

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