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Digia @Web – Finger touch Web browser for UIQ phones

Digia have announced, Digia @Web, which is a new, fully finger touch controllable, web browser for UIQ phones. Designed for UIQ 3 and Symbian OS the @Web,  claims to provide the best mobile browsing experience, for Symbian UIQ based devices.  @Web is based on the open-source webkit browsing engine ported to UIQ by Digia.

Some of the features include

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My BT Headset is Here!


Since I’ve gotten my Dell Inspiron 1520 & a Sony Ericsson P1i, it’s been a mess of wires everywhere in my room – the data cable, different set of earphones for my laptop and the P1i – bsaically wires, wires everywhere and all messy, tangled up. I got really frustrated by this and started searching for an alternative. SInce BOTH my laptop and P1i supports Bluetooth and A2DP I thought why not get a Bluetooth headset? After scoping the net for a bit, I was rather confused as to which one to go for. I had a talk over IM with Suri, a good friend of mine from tech2.0 forums and he suggested me a Sony Ericsson HBH DS-970. After going through few reviews of it, decided to purchase it. Ordered it via Times shopping on Monday, and voila! 3 days later it’s here!

Here are some pics:

The courier Box that contained the Headset The box that housed the BT headset

The BT headset


As from the pic, it looks like a pendrive! Few of my colleagues asked me – How much capacity pen drive is it? Heh! Well I’ll review it soon, once I’ve used it for couple of days.

Wireless Freedom, here I come! And oh yeah, before I forget, it cost me Rs 3900, shipping was free.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Impressions

Ever since I’d seen a preview Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 at GSMArena, I’ve been floored by that awesome device. The good folks at WMExperts have managed to get a unit of Xperia X1, and take it for a spin. Lets see what they have to say about the X1. WMExperts also had a chat with Martin Winlet, the Director of Global Marketing for Sony Ericsson and he also answered some questions people had put to him. Here are some excerpts from their article

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Duke Nukem 3D and other games For Nokia N800

Back in 1997, when I was in 7th standard, and an adolescent, I was a huge fan of Duke Nukem 3D – for its AWESOME graphics, the attitude, and of course the sex and the violence 😛 . Back in those days, I used to play it on my old computer – an Intel Pentium 100MHz, with 16MB RAM, an 8X Creative CDROM drive and a Creative SoundBlaster 16 soundcard and had a blast with its 320.x240 “high-res” graphics!
Coming to the post, while on twitter, somehow the topic of Duke Nukem came, and Vimal George pointed me to the The Internet Tablet Talk forums, where a member has actually ported Duke Nukem 3D to the Nokia N800/N810 Internet Tablet. You can find the complete instructions over at the forums. It’s just amazing as to how far technology has progressed that allows you to play what we used to play on a bulky desktop onto a sleek handheld!

For more such games, do check out the N800 blog and Arnim’s Ports for Nokia


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