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26 Articles’s long weekend reminder mail

I’ve been a huge fan of ever since I first used their site back in 2007. For someone as lazy as me, the idea that I could sit on my ass, check for all available tickets & book them at the comfort of my air-conditioned room was pretty awesome.

Didn’t hurt that they had a very nice, clutter free UI. Off late, they have been sending these long-weekend emails.


We usually write to you about happy things in life – upcoming holidays – and here we are once again, informing you about some festivals and long vacations in March.

Holidays in March

Holi March 8 (Thursday) Book now
Ugadi / Gudi Padwa March 23 (Friday) Book now

Tip for hard-working employees (employers, please ignore): Take an off on March 9 (Friday) and get a 4-days long week-end. After all, playing Holi can get stressful.

Perfect to remind you well-in-advance and get those tickets booked ahead of the rush! Another thing to notice: the cheeky sense of humour contained in the emails.

Well done, redbus! Thank you very much for the lovely service that you guys are providing!

Fresh new look for My World

If you’re a regular reader ( and not reading this in a feed reader) you would have obviously noted a change in appearance of my blog. – It’s been a while since I last refreshed my blog . My World had been running on the absolutely gorgeous (well, IMO anyways) SoDelicious2 theme. I even had a mini “contest” to decide who would get the spots for the gallery links. So why the change then ?

Read More – An Online GSB Konkani Dictionary

I’m not sure how exactly this conversation came about but @prolificd casually tweeted me, asking me If I’d heard of I replied no, and checked it – and it turned out to be an awesome site.

Its got quite a lot of articles, a wordlist of Konkani words in Devnagiri script, with meanings in English, and also an English To Konkani and Konkani to English translator. Unfortunately the translator didn’t quite work, even for a relatively simple ‘how are you doing’ phrase. Regardless, its quite a good site, and you can even submit a Konkani word which is not there in the word list.

Chceck the site – SaveMyLanguage

Of Tumbles, Disabled NT accounts, And BarCampBangalore 7

I’ve finally done it. Been contemplating it for a while, but past couple of days’ turn of events have made me do what I’ve been contemplating about. What am I writing about? My tumblelog of course!

I get lots, I mean LOTS of email forwards. Those subscribed to my forwards mailing list would say I send lots of forwards. But then I forward only the best of the lot, and that’s like maybe 10% of what I get. But then couple of days ago, my office NT user account (and not just mail account) was disabled by the mail network admin, citing “Mail misuse” 😐 After running from pillar to post, getting approval mails from group head, phone calls to the network admin, apologizing and three-quarters of a day lost productivity, was finally able to get my NT account re-enabled, and me decided not forward anymore. But still I wanted to share those forwards. I’ve been trying WordPress’s blog-by-email feature, but was unable to get it running on my Google Apps’ mail id. 

Tumblr seemed a nice way of sharing these forwards, and though I’d signed up for tumblr couple of weeks back, I’d never used it. So I decided to wipe off the dust, and launch it! The result -> Ta daah! Sathya’s Tumbles (yeah I know corny name, but WTH). I’m still waiting for the A records propogation to be through, and once that is done, my tumblelog will be available at I’ve also enabled Disqus comments for my Tumblelog, so feel free to comment 🙂 [on a side note, I’m seriously considering integrating Disqus with my WordPress blogs]. There’s also a “read-only” mode of my tumblelog at which just displays my tumblelog posts, adapting my blog CSS, which looks neat 😀

Next – Barcamp Bangalore 7 is here! Though I won’t be able to attend day 1 of Barcamp Bangalore due to clash with my working days, I will be there for day 2. I’m really excited to attend, since this will be the first ever Barcamp that I’m gonna attend. I’ve signed up as Volunteer over there, will be blogging and obviosuly tweeting about it as well. Looking forward to meeting Santosh(@9_6), Laxman(@scorpion032), Ashwin(@cruisemaniac), Prashanth(@hnprashanth), Ashish(@mataal) and LOT more of tweeters! So see you all there! 

And just as I was about to leave from office, I was chatting with Kunal Sheth over GTalk and he told me that he’s going to be in Bangalore on Monday, so that just about about made my day – I do hope Kunal can spare some time and we could catchup – it’ll be awesome if we could.

So then see ya all in Barcamp!

Random Stig Facts!

If you’re a HUGE fan of Top Gear(like I am), then you must be well aware of statements like the one below

Now how about reading more these facts, huh? Just head over to

Alternatively, you can also bookmark this post, and everytime you come here, you will be presented with a new, random Stig fact!

How weird are you?

Ever think you’re a weird person? Want to know how weird you are? I found this site while surfing, and according to it,

My score is:


Of all the weird test takers:

76% are more weird,
9% are just as weird, and
14% are more normal than you!

So 76% are more weird than me? COOL! 9% are just as weird? Hmm So I guess I’m a relatively “non-weird” person eh? :)) 😛 So what’s your score? Find out

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

and post your score in the comments!

EDIT: Fixed the image link

What’s your haxx0r level?

Think you’re THE L337 haxx0r? Think you can hack your way through the the most complex code? Think you have ubër PHP/JavaScript skills? Why not test it then!

Hack-Test is a webmaster hacker test has 20 complete levels. This will test your JavaScript coding skills, PHP scripting, graphic ability, html knowledge, and thinking logically like a hacker. Trying out this doesn’t put you in any trouble with the the law, and is a fun and challenging way to revise your skills! So what’re you you waiting for ?

Read More

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