My Black Friday Purchases
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“Black Friday” in US is the day after Thanksgiving day. On this single day you get the best deals - flat discounts, and unbelievable prices. There’s a catch though, the best deals are available real early - I mean as early 5 AM - people are known to camp the night out just to grab them. While my colleague and me went to the mall relatively late at 7:30 I still got some nice deals.

Initial Impressions.
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After the rollercoaster ride that is my Mumbai - Austin flight, I’ve finally settled down here, Here’s been my initial impressions.

  • There are Indians everywhere. Yes I’d heard about it, now I’ve seen it. Met quite a few Indians here (not necessarily friendly buggers). There were couple of Indian families in my NJ - Houston flight. Couple of students too, one fellow was shivering, shaking and slowly came to me and asked he was boarding the right flight.Heck the only other guy besides me in Houston - Austin flight was an Indian. (Coversely, he might be thinking the same)

Experience of a Lifetime – The Mumbai Austin Flight
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I’ve been in couple of flights before but this would be my first International, Intercontinental flight. As in my previous post, the flight was scheduled to depart at 23:40 from Mumbai on Nov 20 and arrive in Newark, New Jersey at 05:25 AM. And then the connecting flight from Newark, NJ to Austin, Texas was scheduled to leave at 07:15 and arrive inΒ  Austin, Texas at 10:25. Like most other things, (surprise, surprise) this too didn’t as per plan.

Let me start from scratch.

The dates are in
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Just a quick post. Got the dates for my trip to Austin. Leaving tomorrow, November 20th, at 15:15 for a Chennai -> Mumbai flight. 23:40 is the Mumbai -> New Jersey flight. Finally, 08:00 New Jersey -> Austin flight. Oh Aalaap just mentioned about a tweetup in Mumbai International Airport. Anyone coming? πŸ˜›

My Last few days in India….
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Yup, this upcoming week will be my last week in India. I’d mentioned earlier about me getting an onsite gig.Β This week will probably be the last week here in India, before I fly off to Austin, Texas. I still have my Visa interview due this Wednesday, November 12th though. Earlier today I’d come to know that the most probable date for mr flying would be November 16th, but then it was pushed to November 19th to give some buffer time incase my visa gets delayed and all.