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Salut Bucharest - How and Why I moved from Bangalore to Bucharest
· โ˜• 9 min read · โœ๏ธ Sathyajith Bhat
It’s been a while since I posted anything, so lets get this started again. As I had tweeted few weeks back, I have moved to Bucharest, Romania. Signing off from Adobe https://t.co/GLyPfdLPBE's been a wonderful https://t.co/BQINCxTPWS a book published, became an AWS Community Hero & learnt a lot more.Onwards! (@ Adobe Systems in Bangalore) https://t.co/Hkgry8ldIO — Sathya | sathyabhat@mastodon.social (@SathyaBhat) October 10, 2019 Here we go (@ Adobe - @myadobe in Bucureศ™ti) https://t.