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By default, Oracle Forms Application Server serves Oracle Forms applications using the built-in Jinitiator JVM. While JVM works swell with cutting edge browsers1 it pretty much crashes most of the other browsers2 and doesn’t work at all in Chrome. There are workarounds but the workarounds do not play well while working with multiple tabs.


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I’ve been facing this really annoying problem for quite some time now. My job revolves around developing apps using Oracle Forms Builder{#aptureLink_dzpThUVtnA}. Oracle Forms applications, uses Java applets to run inside any browser, on most platforms. Here’s the kink - Oracle Forms applications by default uses Oracle’s{#aptureLink_5VcUe7aCHj} jInitiator{#aptureLink_uyXnIMpqB7} which is a JVM made by Oracle and allows a web enabled Oracle Forms client application to be run…

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