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I never thought..
about Life, Views on 01/01/2009 - like it?

Its almost time to kick out 2008 and welcome 2009. Instead of posting the Happy New Year message, thought I’ll post somethings which I never thought/expected I’d do/happen but did: So here ya go

  1. Never thought I’d go from busy to jobless and extremely busy and working overtime in a matter of couple of hours.
  2. Never thought I’d such a huge twaddict (that’s twitter addict for you lesser mortals)
  3. Never thought I’d be a BarCamper
  4. Never thought I’d conduct 2 twitter meetups (however tiny they may be)
  5. Never thought I’d see quite a lot of my friends and colleagues get laid off
  6. Never thought I’d be having a 5KB/s Internet connection
  7. Never thought I’d organize 2 tweetups
  8. Never thought a fucking useless nobody Reports manager would be a Senior Manager
  9. Never thought I’d see an AGM get sacked overnight and asked never to return
  10. Never _ever_ thought I’d be asked to come onsite
  11. Never thought the AWESOME Mumbai tweeps would wait for me at the Mumbai Airport Gate and would have a tweetup just before I left
  12. Never thought I’d set my foot in US in this year
  13. Never thought I’d witness snowfall in an area where snowfall almost never comes
  14. Never thought I’d taste/have more than 5 different types of handmade Beer at the same location
  15. Never thought I’d see a Lesbian couple next to me in a bar
  16. Never thought I’d see a Viagra ad on mainstream TV
  17. Never thought I’d speak and get so close to a girl I’ve never met before

To cap it all, never thought 2008 would be such an eventful, packed, thrilling, rollercoaster ride of a year..

Goodbye 2008, Β Wish you all a Happy New Year All!

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16 comments - really? way cool!

Never thought I would be reading this kind of new year post. I did not say bad, I liked it :-)

Have a great year ahead!

You forgot : you never thought, Twitter would have made this world really small πŸ˜‰

Written by Veetrag on 01/01/2009

I wish many more ** good never thoughts** for 2009.

Written by Thejesh GN on 01/01/2009

Never thought that this post will be like this..

never thought a good bye can be said in this way..

he he.. I like the 15 16 17

Happy New Year..

Written by PC on 01/01/2009

@veetrag – yes I never mentioned that – twitter has made this world very small, more than any other service.

@veetrag, Thejesh – Wish you all a Happy New Year

Written by Sathya on 01/01/2009

to add one more – Never thought Happy New Year Post would be my personal blog’s 100th post

Written by Sathya on 01/01/2009

Well you never know when life takes a complete 360 degree turn and I am glad the year was rocking for you!

But this is just the beginning..2009 will be the 10 times more better than this πŸ˜‰

Written by Rockstar sid on 01/01/2009

Well, think about oh wat fun it would be to be in between the couple. πŸ˜€

Written by Manan on 01/01/2009

seriously you need to tell me where you found 5 kb/s internet connection in the USA man.

BTW awesome post. love it. Happy new year to ya

Written by Anowarul Kabir on 02/01/2009

It was a great year :) and yea I’m sure 2009 will be fantastic, hope it will be the same for you :) Happy New Year!

Written by Sathya on 02/01/2009

Happy New Year Anowarul! The 5KB/s Internet connection was the connection I was on while I was in India, I’m here in US for a couple of months, will be heading back in Feb

Written by Sathya on 02/01/2009

Happy New Year!!!

Written by Harshad on 02/01/2009

Kabaab main Haddi πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

Written by Sathya on 02/01/2009

Thank you Harshad! Wish you the same! BTW what’s your new blog URL ?

Written by Sathya on 02/01/2009

Cheers !!
Joining with others above, I never expected to read a new year post like this, either !!

Written by Aravind Jose T. on 02/01/2009

Here’s my new blog:

Any suggestions/comments on my new blog would be appreciated. :)

Written by Harshad on 02/01/2009

Haha, sure was an eventful year for you πŸ˜€ A very good one that too!

I wonder if you kept staring at the couple in the bar πŸ˜›

All the best for the new year!

Written by Reeteshinator on 06/01/2009

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