Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!

That got your attention ? Well, brace up, this is a rant.

Note: This is something I had stored on, long, long ago. I decided to post this because people keep saying the same old shit – ‘its only 4k in US blah blah. This post was triggered by that guy Pranav ( 😛 ). Pranav – if you’re trying to reject this –

pranav.shastri: its a noob noob world
Sathyajith: and you believed that too /eyeroll
pranav.shastri: i didnt…thts y i wanted to clarify frm u
cos i knw u gt urs frm there
Sathyajith: pranav.shastri204: frickin iphone is $99 in US man
Sathyajith: no it isnt
pranav.shastri: yup it is
pranav.shastri: hmmm 😀
Here we go.


Comprende ?

I hear you say but, but its on the Apple website.

ooook. See the little (1) next the price ? Well read it:
Let me put it here:

Requires new two-year AT&T wireless service contract, sold separately to qualified customers; credit check required; must be 18 or older. Existing AT&T customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone 3G should check with AT&T or use to find out if they are eligible for early upgrade pricing: $299 (8GB), $399 (16GB), or $499 (32GB) with a new two-year contract.

Still, no?

Unlike India, you don’t (rephrase: 99% of people don’t) purchase the phone outright. The $99 = downpayment.
The rest of the cost is covered in monthly phone bill. The average per month bill is around (lets assume load it with everything), $120. Again, its an average. It might be more, it might be less. Do some math.

$99 + 120*24 = ???
Yes, it’s $2979. That’s the cost you’ll have to bear.

Oooo, I’ll break the contract. Erm. Nada.
Break the contract within a month = you have to return the phone.
OK, I’ll wait. There’s something called early termination fee: it goes upto $175.

Ok, $99 + 175 = $275 = YAAY! WIN!!!!!
Erm, down boy. You can’t break the contract that easily, not unless you have a valid reason.

OOoh, I’ll report stolen and get it.
Wake up, this ain’t India where you can get an FIR done in 5 bucks.

Oooh, I’ll purchase and leave the country.
Um, Let me bring up the terms again.
credit check required.

Credit check = based on your SSN. SSN will reveal anything and everything about you. You default, when you come back, there will be whole bunch of whoop ass on you.

OK? Any questions ?


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29 Comments on Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!

  1. Sathya says:

    Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!:

  2. And why did you wrote this on long long ago? Cos of ME 😛

    1. Sathya says:

      @Rishabh – Heh True that.

      @Harshad – I sincerely people can get the pricing structure. However, I’m inclined to believe most people won’t.

  3. RT @SathyaBhat: Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!:

  4. Shubhendra says:

    Very true! Cost of telecom services over here are beyond imagination. Above that Company’s still charge for incoming calls!!

  5. Harshad says:

    Some of my friends still think that US residents are too lucky to get iPhone for 4k-5k bucks and I really find it difficult to make them understand the whole logic behind its low prices in US.

    I am sure this article will help many people understand the truth of attractive price tag.

  6. Butbutbut…. you get it for $399 un-locked on ebayyyyy!

    1. Sathya says:

      @Reetesh that amount depends. $399 is generally for refurb or second hand ones, for the 3Gs

  7. Sathya says:

    @_techie @AgentAkki seriously, you guys need to catch up on the basics of contract based system in US.

  8. @tariquesani @SathyaBhat 's blog post

  9. Santhosh Kumar says:

    Thats it,Truth is BITTER,thank u brother,for the valuable information. I expect more about this topic very soon

  10. Sathya says:

    At $99 that too! RT @manan: @keithdsouza but…but.. the Apple India store went down that means iPhone is coming!

  11. RT @SathyaBhat: Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!:

  12. Jawahar J says:

    RT @narayananh: RT @SathyaBhat: Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!:

  13. Aarti says:

    RT @SathyaBhat: Get your iPhone in India for $99 ( ~ Rs 4500 ) Only!:

  14. David_007 says:

    okay. what about iPhone 4??

  15. Sathya says:

    Replace $99 with $199 and the rest remains the same.

  16. Sathya says:

    @msnarain Note: not **just** $199 —> @vigneash

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  19. Maaz says:

    Hey, guys! I want Iphone 4s frm US, So getting iphone for $299 wid a contrct, rite…?
    n if one of my friend comes to India n get that iphone for me n breaks the contract, wat will happn…? plz help!
    i want on frm der coz its cheaper if I get it in $299!

  20. Pingback: Sathya
  21. Akash says:

    WTF! We are in India and who the f*** is going to take it away from me. I don’t care what the Americans have written in there laws.

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