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Captured this rainbow enroute home. :rainbow:Hypnotizing, this is.Back when paper manuals were a thing. Loved the @Diablo 2 manual. Must have read over hundred times to soak in the loreWent to Fatty Bao. Was good but not as hyped. Pretty expensive though.Ugadi lunch as prepared by @joshenoy. Bottom Left to top right -  kadgi chakko, tendle and bibbo upkari,daali, chana ghashiOne candle for every decade. #threeOyoSo, I opened the door earlier in the evening to let @joshenoy in and there she was standing with cake in one hand and flowers in the other :blush: #threeOyoTaken last evening over at Yemlur/Wind Tunnel connecting Road
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Configure Airtel GPRS / Mobile Office for Android
about Mobiles on 09/01/2011 - like it?

Short, quick post: I’d purchased a Nexus S recently, and once I got back to India, I had to re-activate my connection again.

Unlike the iPhone, however, my Android was unable to pick up the settings automatically & I had to enter them manually. To do this, head over to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point names. Tap on the options button -> New APN & enter the  settings as per your plan, as  mentioned in my previous post comparing various Airtel GPRS plans.

To recap:

Name: Enter a name to identify

APN/Address/Access point: for Airtel Mobile Office.

That’s it. Restart your phone(if required) and you should be able to start browsing.

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Blogged: Configure Airtel GPRS / Mobile Office for Android: Short, quick post: I’d purchased…

Written by Sathya on 09/01/2011

RT @SathyaBhat: Configure Airtel GPRS / Mobile Office for Android: Short, quick post

Written by Ashwin Siddaramaiah on 09/01/2011

I am new user please give me my email is “snail…

Written by Sanaul hasnain on 07/07/2011


Written by Sanaul hasnain on 07/07/2011

setup x8

Written by sky on 16/10/2011

I hadnot receive gprs settings in my mobile karban k1818.please send the settings

Written by Bhaskar Reddy on 12/02/2012

Karbonn k1616

Written by Ratan gahlot on 27/02/2012

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Written by Mohammad Flagel on 26/01/2013

Airtel ka internet bahut bekar chalta hai Network bhi bahut bekar hai

Written by ravindrakumar on 01/10/2013

I am not stisfied airtel service Airtel company jitana ad me Paise kharch karti hai utni achchhi service deti to tv me ad dene ki kya jarurat hai

Written by ravindrakumar on 01/10/2013

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