Configure Airtel GPRS / Mobile Office for Android

Short, quick post: I’d purchased a Nexus S recently, and once I got back to India, I had to re-activate my connection again.

Unlike the iPhone, however, my Android was unable to pick up the settings automatically & I had to enter them manually. To do this, head over to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point names. Tap on the options button -> New APN & enter the  settings as per your plan, as  mentioned in my previous post comparing various Airtel GPRS plans.

To recap:

Name: Enter a name to identify

APN/Address/Access point: for Airtel Mobile Office.

That’s it. Restart your phone(if required) and you should be able to start browsing.

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  1. Sathya says:

    Blogged: Configure Airtel GPRS / Mobile Office for Android: Short, quick post: I’d purchased…

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  3. I am new user please give me my email is “snail…

  4. Bhaskar Reddy says:

    I hadnot receive gprs settings in my mobile karban k1818.please send the settings

  5. Ratan gahlot says:

    Karbonn k1616

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  7. Airtel ka internet bahut bekar chalta hai Network bhi bahut bekar hai

    1. I am not stisfied airtel service Airtel company jitana ad me Paise kharch karti hai utni achchhi service deti to tv me ad dene ki kya jarurat hai

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