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The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites
about Views on 21/10/2011 - like it?

Have you ever seen the “contact forms” that are present on a lot of companies offering services such as Broadband, Telephone Lines, cars, bikes et al?
I have and I’m sick of seeing them. Why do these dumbasses put these forms? They are of no utility except for the sole purpose of harvesting email address, phone numbers & other contact details so that they can shove their promotional material down your throat and spam you to eternity.  Over the past couple of years that I’ve seen and used them – with zero response, I wonder why in the hell do they keep it at all. Absolutely zero response.

The culprits so far:

  • Airtel (telephone, Broadband)
  • Reliance (telephone, Broadband)
  • Tata Teleservices (Broadband)
  • You Telecom(Broadband)
  • Maruti ( car)
  • Ford (car)
  • Hyundai (car)
  • Volkwagen (car)
  • Honda (car)
  • Fiat (cat)
Heck Volkswagen haven’t bothered getting back to me, yet have nicely subscribed me to their promotional crapware that gets deleted straightaway(oh thank thee, GMail filters). (Update: Volkswagen gave me a call today, nearly  a year after I had filled in their online inquiry form. Are they freaking insane? Call up after a whole freaking year?) 
To give Ford some credit, one of their dealers did call me and setup a test-drive & then conveniently forgot about arriving for the test drive. Way to go, Ford!
If you don’t have the basic decency to pay a little attention to your customer who’s investing truckloads of money in you, you should STFU and not talk about customer care. At all.
And for Christ’s sake, get rid of those useless request forms.
Update: Added Honda & Fiat, as mentioned to me by techrsr

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Blogged: The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites: Have you ever…

Written by Sathya on 21/10/2011

Blogged: The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites: Have you ever…

Written by Suresh on 21/10/2011

btw, replug on a mini rant from me RT : The farce that is online request forms present on Indian websites:

Written by Sathya on 21/10/2011

Same with most Kuwaiti websites. Some are worse than the others, but the worst I’ve seen is Zain TSP website’s; I’ve contacted them about a security issue in their site and the never got back to me!

Written by AnxiousNut on 21/10/2011

@AnxiousNut Sigh :(

Written by sathya on 22/10/2011

Since everyone's bitching about #Airtel, I'll join in the fray :P

Written by Sathya on 22/11/2011

@techrsr I guess I'll have to add them to this list

Written by Sathya on 07/01/2012

Regd my prev tweet abt @VolkswagenIndia calling after a year, had mentioned them in online request form farce

Written by Sathya on 23/07/2012

@mehtaromit @nileshgr @Ramblinggeek Jet Airways is reaching those levels. oh btw,

Written by Sathya on 24/11/2012

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