And The Lamest Mouse Award Goes To….

Preshit’s tweet about him having the lamest mouse triggered a series of “my-mouse-is-lamer-than-yours” tweets, and in midst of that we decided to have a contest – Who’s mouse is the Lamest? So who gets the award? Lets have a look at the contenders

  1. Preshit
  2. Preshit's Lame Mouse 1 Preshit's Lame Mouse 2 Preshit's Lame Mouse 3

  3. Santosh
  4. Santosh's Lame Mouse 1 Santosh's Lame Mouse 2

  5. Karthik
  6. Karthik's Lame Mouse

  7. Omkarnath
  8. Omi's Lame Mouse Omi's Lame Mouse 2

  9. Kunal
  10. Kunal's Lame Mouse

  11. Me
  12. My Lame Mouse

And the winner is…….. well that’s for you to decide. Drop a comment and give your opinion. If you feel your mouse deserves an entry then post it in the comments! I’ll include it in the post!

  1. I agree with Santosh. Preshit really can’t complain when Karthik has a mouse that looks it came from the first batch of Mice (mouses?) that were ever made.
    I think Preshit should buy a new mouse and give it to Karthik :)

  2. LOL
    I won!!

    Okay its not funny but yeah the mouse sucks donkey ballz. My scroll wheel reminds me off yellow sushi actually. The sad thing is you cant see its awesome red glow. Its really cool in a totally uncool way.

  3. LOL Congrats to Karthik 😀 😛
    I had a similar Logitech Optical mouse, with the scroll wheel glowing with blue LED and underneath the red one, in darkness it looks as if a Street Racing Car 😛

    @Ashwin Yeah I know about the theme, I will change it soon

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