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Fresh new look for My World
about Web on 07/11/2009 - like it?

If you’re a regular reader ( and not reading this in a feed reader) you would have obviously noted a change in appearance of my blog. – It’s been a while since I last refreshed my blog . My World had been running on the absolutely gorgeous (well, IMO anyways) SoDelicious2 theme. I even had a mini “contest” to decide who would get the spots for the gallery links. So why the change then ?

Well nothing in particular, just that you know, you have to keep things changing (OK not *that* much) to it look fresh. I’d been planning for a theme change for a bit now, but was too lazy to scope out which would be good. And then just yesterday I stumbled onto Theo Jones’ blog and was just blown away by his theme. And the best part was that he had released it for all, and integrates well with the social networks I frequent on (well, except that the records plugin is *slightly* broken but doesn’t affect the blog looks at all).

What I really liked about the theme was that it was clean, I mean realy *crispy* clean, no distractions, no annoying popups or ads ( yeah I got rid of InfoLinks and AdSense – which didn’t do much and I didn’t bother about anyway). Surprisingly, the lack of a sidebar didn’t bother me – I generally stuff up the sidebar with *ahem* goodies but.. yeah I guess I fell for the clean look. I’d prolly do ever-so-slight changes (for one, rename that, err, “Rotating block” to something else). Probably add few of my links, and a blogroll to the end as well. Though I’ve received fairly OK response over twitter & fb on the theme (most of it being – its way too clean/looks like a newspaper) but what the heck – I’m gonna use this theme for a bit.

Comments on the theme/how further are always welcome.

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6 comments - really? way cool!

Blogged: Fresh new look for My World: If you’re a regular reader ( and not reading this in a feed reader) you woul…

Written by Sathya on 06/11/2009

Thanks again for using the theme. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do some updates in the next month or so.

Written by Theo Jones on 07/11/2009

This is so awesome!

Written by Aravind Jose T. on 07/11/2009

This theme looks clean and neat. I liked it. :)

Written by Harshad on 07/11/2009

Awesome, thanks Theo!

Written by Sathya on 08/11/2009

Great. I too like milky white blog themes. No distraction and very clear. My blog is also using a similar white theme

Written by Manish Sinha on 14/11/2009

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