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Capping off a roller coaster year
about Life on 06/01/2012 - like it?

2011 was a roller coaster year. Here’s the year in review, in bullet points

  • Sold off my iPhone 3G and purchased a Nexus S
  • Supposed long term US stay gets cut short.
  • 3+ years of work on project gone down the drain. On the upside, learnt quite a lot.
  • Met Manaa in person, after being a very close friend for 6+ years
  • Was elected as Community Moderator for one of the Stack Exchange sites, Super User
  • Wrote my first Chrome Extension to get around WebNonsense crap
  • Bad security practice from the past comes to haunt me.
  • Quit 3i and joined Logica at the middle of the year – after almost having joined TCS, rejected in final round of interview at Oracle & a bungled interview at Société Générale.
  • Did a short term stint in Bangalore for training at Logica
  • My beloved Nexus S got stolen, purchased a iPhone 3GS from Shivaranjan as it’s replacement
  • Went on a road trip to Goa with Appy, AshwinSid and SwaroopH during the middle of the rainy season.
  • Test drove the Swift & Figo. Waited for the new Swift to arrive in market and then went and booked the Ford Figo. Swift’s price put it out of my budget & couldn’t wait 6+ months for the Swift
  • Met Harshad Sharma & Malcolm after having known them for *years* on twitter.
  • Gatecrashed Ravi’s wedding.
  • Ran all over Chennai in trying to get the paperwork & formalities done for the car loan
  • Car loan got disbursed, did the payment, only to be told, couple days before taking delivery that I will be relocated to Bangalore
  • Cancelled car booking, return loan since re-registration of TN car in KA === heavy losses. Total damages: 2.3k(loan processing fees) + 4k (first month interest)
  • Got a permanent transfer to Bangalore! (woohoo!) Ashwinsid & 9_6 welcome me in style.
  • Moved to a 1BHK house on rent. Much thanks to Dkris for allowing me to stay at his house and give expert tips on house hunting.
  • Watched Poets of the Fall perform with front row, centre stage view at The Great Indian Octoberfest
  • Got clicked for #TAD365, thanks Roycin!
  • Met GeekGod & Waste-u Photographer, Waste-u Photographer’s bitch and Frequent Flyer Manish
  • Finally, welcomed the New Year at a far-away coffee estate in Chikmagalur.

Gadgets bought/acquired/reviewed

Overall, a fab year. Happy New Year – and best wishes for the year ahead.

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Blogged: Capping off a roller coaster year: 2011 was a roller coaster year. Here’s the year…

Written by Sathya on 06/01/2012

thank you @hiway @ravim85 @mloclam @9_6 @Dkris @khatteemithi @ashwinsid @SwaroopH @unitechy for a wonderful 2011

Written by Sathya on 06/01/2012

@SathyaBhat whoaaa mallu boy made it to 4th on the list ..meeting u was a pleasure too :)

Written by M Mukherjee on 06/01/2012

@rish404 @Ramblinggeek @m4n1sh @e_anurag

Written by Sathya on 06/01/2012

Wow! That’s quite an eventful year.

Written by Harshad on 06/01/2012

It was nice meeting you. Moreover, #sexylegs still haunt me lol

Written by Apurva on 06/01/2012

Was nice meeting you too, boss ! :)

Have a great year ahead ! :D

Written by Karthik on 06/01/2012

brilliant way to recap the year! Super liked your mod status !! :) congrats

Written by Aaditya Sriram on 06/01/2012

I liked this post, good one :-)

Written by Saurabh on 06/01/2012

@Karthik Thanks, it was awesome meeting you!

Written by sathya on 06/01/2012

@Appy LOL :D

Written by sathya on 06/01/2012

@Harshad haha yeah :)

Written by sathya on 06/01/2012

@Saurabh Thank you!

Written by sathya on 06/01/2012

@Aaditya Thank you :)

Written by sathya on 06/01/2012


Written by HARSH on 17/04/2012

@javiies nope, blog post. much like how I did for last year

Written by Sathya on 01/01/2013

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