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The 1800km Coastal Karnataka Roadtrip – Part 4 – Jog – Gokarna – Ponda – Palolem

I’ve always wanted to go on long road trips, but with both Jo and me working, trying to find a contiguous block of holiday has been rather difficult. With me taking a break and Eid holiday coming during middle of the week, we got a chance to do our road trip. Part 4 continues..

With our trip almost at the halfway point, we were beginning to feel a bit bummed out that we were at the mid-point already. Then again, we reminded ourselves that we have few more days remaining and rather than looking at it as half-gone, we should look at it from still 4-more days to go approach. With this in mind, we checked out from our rooms, had breakfast and had one more glance at Jog before heading out.

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