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Bio #

Sathyajith Bhat is an experienced Cloud Architect & SRE with over 15 years of experience in Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering. His expertise includes AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Python, TypeScript, Linux, Bash, Docker, Terraform, Prometheus and more.

He is not fanatic about specific tools or services and believes in making the most available out of the tools he gets to work with.

He is the author of Practical Docker with Python), a co-author of The CDK Book and is recognized as an AWS Container Hero.

He loves organizing and running events (physical as well as virtual) and has been part of planning and organizing committee of events such as Barcamp Bangalore, AWS Community Day - Bangalore, India, South Asia, and CDK Day. In his free time, he is a gamer and loves playing games on his PC and/or Steam Deck(genres of interest are usually ARPGs, City Builders) and occasionally livestream gaming and programming on Twitch.

Contact #

You can reach Sathya on Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, or by e-mail on