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Here I go again

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No, this post has got nothing to do with the song “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake(great track by the way!). This post deals with my third(!!) attempt at blogging(yup, that’s right right third!). My first attempt was through BlogSpot-I just signed up, that was it I guess(I think I made a post-hell I don’t even remember the site URL. That died out real soon! With my second attempt, I was lot more determined. Launched my blog hosted on WordPress - Sathya Says. And surprisingly, it went pretty well, I was soon posting on my life, and certain tips and tricks I’d discovered or learnt with my experiences on Linux. My good friend, Preshit advised me to shift to my own domain. But then I didn’t have enough cash to register a domain and for hosting!

Few months later, I got a job at 3i Infotech, shifted to Chennai and with my first salary, I purchased my domain and hosting, with help from Preshit and Subbu and this site, Sathya Says was born, to be hosted on ExperTrio. Past couple of weeks I’ve been unable to update my main site because of hectic work schedules, and my mind was getting too screwed up, hence decided to start blogging on my life so that I could get certain things off my mind. With this short note, I’d conclude this small post. Thanks for reading!