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My BT Headset is Here!

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Since I’ve gotten my Dell Inspiron 1520 & a Sony Ericsson P1i, it’s been a mess of wires everywhere in my room - the data cable, different set of earphones for my laptop and the P1i - bsaically wires, wires everywhere and all messy, tangled up. I got really frustrated by this and started searching for an alternative. SInce BOTH my laptop and P1i supports Bluetooth and A2DP I thought why not get a Bluetooth headset? After scoping the net for a bit, I was rather confused as to which one to go for. I had a talk over IM with Suri, a good friend of mine from tech2.0 forums and he suggested me a Sony Ericsson HBH DS-970. After going through few reviews of it, decided to purchase it. Ordered it via Times shopping on Monday, and voila! 3 days later it’s here!

Here are some pics:

The courier Box that contained the HeadsetThe box that housed the BT headset

The BT headset

As from the pic, it looks like a pendrive! Few of my colleagues asked me - How much capacity pen drive is it? Heh! Well I’ll review it soon, once I’ve used it for couple of days.

Wireless Freedom, here I come! And oh yeah, before I forget, it cost me Rs 3900, shipping was free.