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Onsite opportunity beckons

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Couple of days ago I’d posted a small text on my Tumblelog which went like this:

next couple of days could give me a very important break in my career. Will it happen or won’t ? Hoping for the former.

That was cryptic, wasn’t it ? Atleast Reetesh thought so!

So to clear up, did it happen? Did I get the break: the answer is YES! 😀 

And what’s the big break? Well, I’ve been" identified" as a technical resource for onsite implementation of the current project I’m working on. Quite a mouthful eh? Basically, I will be accompanying the implementor(the functional guy) and lending him assistance with regard to technical issues, data migration etc.

So why was I so cryptic in the first place? And what’s with “identified”,  you may be wondering huh ? Read on.

Well this happened last week: The onsite implementor comes to me, and asks me to have a talk with me. We have a smoke together and then he asks me, How good are you with the product? I reply, I can handle it, but I have zero knowledge of functional stuff. He was like OK that’s fine. He then tells me - you will most probably going onsite as a technical resource. Don’t discuss this with anyone yet, we’ll have to get this thing finalized. And couple of days later - I get an official mail - “We’ve identified Sathyajith for API onsite implementation”. So…… YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY 😀 😀 😀 :D/ :D/

So the reason why I was so cryptic was because (a) the implementor had told me that I may be going, he wasn’t too certain (b) I didn’t have a passport. So I was like very uncertain if I’ll miss the opportunity, and I didn’t want to go about saying Yaay I’m going onsite and then get blown out at the last moment. 

And as for “identified” well I wasn’t the first choice - there were 4 guys ahead of me, 3 of them rejected the offer as they’d already put down their papers1 and the fourth guy said no. So basically I was like the last-ditch choice - if you must. But meh, don’t matter. I like challenges - and this will be a huge one for me.

Past few days I’ve been pretty busy - getting the paperwork done (I still don’t have a passport- gotta apply for it), fixing existing QC calls and closing ACD points, and tomorrow onwards I’ll be having KT sessions - something which will be very vital for me, if I’ve to perform well. I’ll be onsite in US, Texas for about 3 months, I guess. And in that time, I really don’t know if I’ll be able to blog on My World/Sathya Says /tweet(though tweeting shouldn’t be much of a problem),  lets see how it turns out. 

Wish me all the best guys!

and yes, if you’re in college/just completed college, PLEEEEAASE, pleaaaase get your Passport done. Never know when an opportunity will come by you.

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