hehe now that got your attention didn’t it? 😛 Well I didn’t _actually_ travel time, just that effective yesterday, Daylight savings is in effect. Which means the states/countries following Daylight Savings set their time ahead by 1 hour. On Sunday, March 8 there were only 23 hours a day (at 2 AM the clocks were set to 3AM) so effectively I travelled ahead in time by an hour 😀

Bad part is that I got an hour less to sleep 🙁
even worse, the time difference between Austin (US Central time) and India is -12.30 hours, which means my night calls would extend even more late now. Generally the folks in Chennai would reach office at 9:30 AM IST and start the calls at 10AM IST (which would be 22:30 CST) – which was like fiine. But with the DST in effect the calls can start only by 23:30 CST – major bummer 🙁
DST’s going to be in effect for another 6 months or so its going to be tough