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Closing the chapter

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About a week ago, round about this time, my Mum called me up and and told me a piece of news which I would never in my wildest nightmares would have imagined, would happen to me.

She told me that my fiancee’s family wanted to break the engagement and drop the wedding proposal. The news had me shook so bad, I was frozen at my seat for a good half hour thinking, what? Is this real? Am I imagining things? What did I do wrong? Did I insult them somehow?

I had a little bit of hope of trying to talk and fix this thing, and waited anxiously and patiently till beyond office times so that I can call her up and get things sorted.

The call happened, but things remained at status quo. Apparently the family ‘feared’ about my leg pain(I get bouts of leg pain, especially when I walk /stand for more than 15-20 minutes, my thigh muscles hurt and I tend to limp a bit). This condition of mine feared my future in-laws and they said that they didn’t want to give their daughter to someone who ‘has a problem’ and of the pain is like this now, they don’t know what it’d be in the future and don’t want to give their daughter to ‘someone like that’.

Yes, This lameass excuse is the reason for the break. I’ve also been told that they have been told that flat foot(which I have) is linked to kidney failure. I have no idea how this conclusion was reached at, neither am I aware of what other things have been put to their mind.

Whatever it is, it’s final that they don’t want this to go ahead and with the way this was brought up and done, with me treated like an unwanted piece of trash, I’m not going to go forward with this even if they want to patch up.

My birthday was last week, and the last thing I expected was for our engagement to be broken up like so.

Goes without saying it was a pretty emotional day for me, and with none of my family members around, my sister was deeply worried about me.

I’m very glad and grateful that Sharath made me stay at his place that day, with Daaku coming by for support. Talking through the day’s events with them made the transition a bit easier, and Sharath convinced me to head home for the weekend tl be with my family asap(I was originally scheduled to go a week later).

Also thanks to all those who have written, called, Emailed, dm’d, sms, whatsapp’d, fb messaged and got in touch with me offering support. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

And now it’s time to close the chapter and move on.