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Monday Tunes #10

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We’re on double digits! Let me know how you like the songs! 🎢🎡

Start with “Stay in” by JAWS. Released in 2012, the song has a very 90s feel

Next is “Flightless (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)” by Kyson. First heard on Anjunadeep the song is a wonderful piece just right to relax

“Drop” by Lycoriscoris - Another great track I’d heard on Anjunadeep.

Up next, “We Went” by Randy Houser - Action packed video which matches the lyrics very well!

To wrap up for this week, “Woman Woman” by AWOLNATION. I promise I didn’t see the video when I had selected this song!

The Monday Tunes Playlist

If Spotify’s your thing, a Spotify playlist is below:

Till next week - Enjoy the music!

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