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Weekly notes 05/2023

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We’re a week into February. I thought I’ll embed a song from one of my favourite bands, Foo Fighters. Give it a listen and let me know on mastodon or comment down below on how you feel about it.

What’s been happening #

  • Speaking of bands, this week was one of my most anticipated weeks in over 6 months. During the break between jobs, I found out that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be performing in Sydney in Feb 2023. I wasted no time in booking the tickets. Well, the concert was last Thursday, and Jo and I loved it. Check out my blog post about this experience.

  • Attended two AWS Meetups this week! My workplace was the host for Sydney’s Data Engineering Meetup run by fellow AWS Hero Peter Hanssens. Peter asked if I could be part of the panel to do a data-related re:Invent recap and I was happy to. Also later in the week, there was a “Community Conversations” meetup with a fireside chat with Dr Werner Vogels. It was great to be at both meetups - I’ve been meaning to get more involved with the AWS community and being at these meetups have been good - getting to know the community more.

  • We went to Ikea to return some things that were due to return because we didn’t like them: Ikea Gruppspel chair, a rug we had bought for our living room and a lamp. Despite not having the original packaging, we got full refund since it was in pretty good condition (near new). The Gruppspel was decent but the seat was just too hard with near no foam/padding support making it hard to sit on it. I bought a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 (Regular size with fabric instead of the PU leather) and found it to be much better, which led to this return.

  • Jo suggested we head to Maroubra beach from Ikea. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the beach since we’d already spent about 3 hours at Ikea and the GoGet booking window was closing. The beach was only about 10 km away from where we live, and it was pretty nice and quiet.

    Maroubra Beach

    Maroubra Beach

    Maroubra Beach

  • It’s been 6 months since we moved to Sydney! Time flies so fast. This 6-month mark is also tied to the completion of my probation period. It’s a nice confidence boost in my new job.

As a school kid, I played fair bit of CounterStrike 1.6, especially in cyber cafes with classmates and other folks in the cyber cafe. And now, you can play CounterStrike 1.6 completely in the browser. Crazy how far things have come along. Check out the Hacker News thread for more details about this.

That’s for this week. See you next week.