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Weekly notes 16/2023

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Thumbnail image: Clock tower at General Post Office, Sydney. Check it out on my Pixelfed.

What’s been happening #

  • It’s been a busy week at work. We’ve been rotating TLS certificates at work. Sadly we caused an outage (~about 10 minutes) because the intermediate cert was wrong. There an ongoing project to improve this but this time we ran out of time to implement them. So we had to apply emergency measures to renew the certificates before they expired.

    • As an SRE, I believe that every incident is an opportunity to improve, so we’ll take a look at improving this.
  • Speaking of SRE, Prathamesh Sonpatki has published a transcript of our conversation he did for SRE Stories. It’s bit of a long read, but I talk about my initial few years in tech, moving into Cloud/DevOps space and some thoughts on DevOps/Platform engineering. Thanks Prathamesh for having me!

  • It’s kind of a long weekend, due to holiday on Tuesday for Anzac Day. That said, I’m starting my oncall shift next week, so decided against taking the long weekend and will take the days off maybe sometime mid-May so Jo & I can head back to the Blue Mountains.

  • I resumed playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 again. For the longest time I noticed one of my characters had been missing a lot attacks, and this time I got annoyed enough to went and search for it. Turns out this was because I had a weapon of much higher level than my character. Most RPGs, don’t let you equip items that are higher level than you, so this was a surprise for sure. Oh and I published a video of a fight, so give it a look if you’re interested in knowing how combat works in Divinity.

Nostalgia trip! Saw this video from Linus Tech Tips about a fantastic project called PCem that emulate old PCs, including 3D accelerators. Give it a view.

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