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Weekly notes 23/2023

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What’s been happening #

  • I’ll be spending my next three weeks in the US, with the first two in Boulder, Colorado, and the last week in San Francisco. I hope to meet some new colleagues and some old friends.

  • My Diablo IV playthrough has been coming along pretty nicely. I just finished Act 3 (I believe there are 6 acts in the game). For most of the first act, I spent a lot of time exploring the map rather than going through the campaign, so now I am way over leveled for the act. Diablo IV does level up the enemies (unlike the previous games) to your level in the campaign, so it’s not boring as such.

    • While I’m away, I will have my Steam Deck with me. I’ve tried Diablo IV on the Steam Deck, and it works pretty well. I’m not sure if I will continue with my new Barbarian character or finish the campaign with the first sorcerer. I’m heavily leaning towards playing with the Barb - I want to take copious amounts of screenshots (already have > 500MB worth of screenshots) and watch the cutscenes on the big screen, as it will be quite unlikely that I will play the campaign.
    • Now that I’ve been playing for over 16 hours, here are some things I don’t like about it: tedious fetch-item and escort-person quests, lots of backtracking, and the occasional glitch in the game state (just finished a cellar that was not marked as cleared because the enemies got stuck in limbo. Oh well.)
    • Here are some spoiler-free images from the game:



    Mt. Civo

    Exalted Terrace

  • There will be more concerts in Sydney - Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe will be performing in November, and Foo Fighters in December. I’ve got tickets for both and I’m looking forward to hearing them play.

  • Our clothes tumble dryer malfunctioned abruptly this week! While it continued to work, there was an obvious burning smell indicating a problem with the thermostat or something that was controlling the temperature in the dryer. We reached out to our real estate agent, who got it replaced.

  • I mentioned Reddit’s path to enshittification last week, but this week they, and specifically the CEO Steve “spez” Huffman seems to have committed harakiri. Over a thousand subreddits are going black from June 12th. Apollo has decided to shutdown completely, as have many other clients, but it remains to be seen what impact it will have to Reddit as a whole.

  • I did a stats check on my coffee machine, a Gaggia Magenta Prestige, and it turns out I have made 252 latte macchiatos, 50 espressos, and 50 cappuccinos. Going by Sydney’s average price of $5 for a coffee, this means that in about 8 months or so, I’ve broken even on the costs of my machine. Not bad.

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