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Weekly notes 42/2023

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Thumbnail image: A cup of South Indian filter coffee.

This week’s post is massively delayed because I’m on my vacation and I missed my usual writing time.

What’s been happening #

  • It’s been a week of relaxation, and I’ve done nothing but eat, sleep, visit a few places (staying at my place, visiting my in-laws, and a day-trip with my sister that we did last week), and play some games on the Steam Deck.
  • AWS re:Invent slide submission deadline has come and gone by, we’re all set.
    • Reserved seating for AWS re:Invent also opened up past Tuesday. I’ve managed to reserve a slot for most of the talks I was interested in, and my own talk has no free seats. That said, a portion of the seats will be available for walk-in attendees, but expect long lines especially if a talk/topic is in heavy demand.
  • After long last, I converted Jo’s & my Airtel postpaid numbers to prepaid. We’ve been meaning to do this since long but on every visit it gets derailed by something else. On the flipside, I am missing my 330 GB per month data allowance on the postpaid - especially back home in Mangalore where we don’t have a broadband connection.
  • Can’t believe a week has gone by so fast. Half my vacation is over! I fly over to Bangalore tonight and will be meeting a few more friends, an office visit and some more eating before I head back to Sydney next Sunday.

Music of the Week #

TIL, Nyango Star. In case you’re wondering I’m linking this video, keep watching for at least a minute. Entertainment, guaranteed.

I’m banned for life from advertising on Meta. Because I teach Python - when automated flagging meets data retention policies, fun things happen.

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