The reason why my room was raided

Well in my previous post I’d posted that my room was “visited” by cops. Few people had even suggested reasons: Drugs, porn, while my assumption was that it was because of hookers. Well I got the update from the Guest House manager, and nope. It wasn’t for drugs. Not for porn. Not for hookers. Not for piracy either.
The reason? THIS. 😐
Apparently there was a tipoff that Mr. Modi would be killed and that his assassins were already in Chennai. Hence the “tight” security. So by launching raids at 2:00 AM at all possible guest houses, just few hours before Mr. Modi would land in Chennai, they could detect and find the assassins?
As Preshit would so, here’s 50 paise to the extremely “tight” and efficient security system of cops.

My Room Gets Raided!

Well there are somethings which I thought I’d never see. Now as I’ve seen it all(ok, almost all!)

The setting: Yesterday night/today early morning
The time: 2:00 AM
The Place: Cristal Guest House, Chennai, the guest house where I stay.

I was sleeping blissfully, having a good night’s sleep. Then all of a sudden, I hear a faint buzz. Thought that was just me dreaming. Then, BUZZ again. And then the door starts banging. I was half awake now, cursing the person who might be buzzing the room at this unearthly hour. I open the door, only for finds Cops staring at me ❗ At this moment, I was still in a very dazed state, and then seeing cops banging the doors of other rooms I realize that this is no dream!
Here’s the talk I had with the Cop:

Cop: How many people in room?
Me: 2
Cop: Let me see (and then he peeks in)
Cop: What you doing here?
Me: Working in Chennai
Cop: Show id card
Me: Here(and shows him my 3i Infotech ID Card)
Cop: Ok oK
Me(tell my Roomie): Arre Adi, show him your id na(my roomie was too sleepy and had no idea what’s happening)
Cop: It’s ok
Then the Cop shifts his focus to other room
Me: Can we please go back to sleep now??
Cop: OK OK

I was like whaa…. :-?? with this whole incident!

When 2 Mods Meet

I’ve been posting on Tech2 forums for over 8 months now(strictly speaking according to my join date, it’s been more than a year but I was active from April onwards) & I’ve made some good friends with fellow techies. I always wished to meet up with them. Last month, my wish came true. You see, Reetesh(another Moderator at tech2) had informed me couple of days ago that he’ll be on a trip to Tirupathi and will not be online. The previous day I received a mail from Reetesh telling me that he’ll be visiting Chennai and asked me if we could meet on Dec 25. I immediately replied back saying that we could meet up. Unfortunately I had to work on 25th, and I thought I wont be able to meet up, but finally Reetesh and me met up at Spencer’s Plaza. We had a nice time, discussing about all things techie–the current state of forums, the newest games, the latest trends, certain idiotic users, what’ll be condition of forums after the recent TV-18 group taking over Infomedia(Publishers of CHIP magazine) and things non-techie, about how life goes on etc. Reetesh tried his best to obtain Guitar Hero, but was unsuccessful in getting it–we tried all shops, Landmark, music world, small shops which sell original and Pirated Games. And yeah my sense of directions(or lack of it, 😕 meant that we must’ve circled the same area over 5 times 😯 (Reetesh, remember Pantaloons, CD Byte?? LOLOL) Overall it was a really nice experience! Hope to meet more people!

6 Months…

That’s how long I’ve been in Chennai, working for 3i Infotech.
I can’t believe that 6 months have gone by so fast. I still remember the days after I’d given my interview for the job at 3i, checking mails every hour after the prescribed day(ie, a week after the interview) to check for status on whether I’ve been selected or not. On the D-Day(it was a Saturday), I was pretty ecstatic to know that I’ve been selected for the job(My Mom told me I yelled out so loud she thought I received an electric-shock! ❗ ) On July 5th, I left Mangalore, my beloved hometown for Chennai. Initially when I got the info that Chennai would be my place of posting, I was like 😕 So far, it’s been a mixed bag. Made some pretty good friends here, the weather is similar to Mangalore, only a bit hotter(frankly, I wouldn’t know as I’m in office the whole day). The Auto-Drivers are fleecers, more than any other city auto-wallahs), and people have no driving sense *at all*. They don’t know what “Stop and Proceed” mean! I’ve also lost weight – more than 10 kilos 😐
On the good side, I’ve been fortunate enough to be under a good project with good team-mates. The learning curve has been pretty steep, after all Insurance and it’s related concepts is not easy to grasp. I’m learning new things everyday, and never thought Insurance would be this complicated! I’m still a trainee though – that tag will still stick to me for another 6 months. So here’s me hoping that the next 6 months will be even better!

Here I go again

No, this post has got nothing to do with the song “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake(great track by the way!). This post deals with my third(!!) attempt at blogging(yup, that’s right right third!). My first attempt was through BlogSpot–I just signed up, that was it I guess(I think I made a post–hell I don’t even remember the site URL. That died out real soon! With my second attempt, I was lot more determined. Launched my blog hosted on WordPressSathya Says. And surprisingly, it went pretty well, I was soon posting on my life, and certain tips and tricks I’d discovered or learnt with my experiences on Linux. My good friend, Preshit advised me to shift to my own domain. But then I didn’t have enough cash to register a domain and for hosting!

Few months later, I got a job at 3i Infotech, shifted to Chennai and with my first salary, I purchased my domain and hosting, with help from Preshit and Subbu and this site, Sathya Says was born, to be hosted on ExperTrio. Past couple of weeks I’ve been unable to update my main site because of hectic work schedules, and my mind was getting too screwed up, hence decided to start blogging on my life so that I could get certain things off my mind. With this short note, I’d conclude this small post. Thanks for reading!

It’s All Over

Well it’s all over. Finally. The moment I’ve been waiting for, since 4 years. What am I talking about?? I’m done with writing exams, that’s what! 4 freakin’ years of writing the same ol’ mind numbing exams. No more worrying about Mr. Fourier, Laplace, Heaviside’s transforms(which transform my mind into total madness), no more worrying about noise, in terms of Gaussian, Random, Impulse or Percentage, Decibel or otherwise. No more of Erlang’s trunking thoery, Queueing systems. No more of Normal Variates, Bivariates, and what not. No more of writing of the same ol’ Harvard, Neumann architectures, Block diagrams of microprocessors and microcontrollers(I swear, I must’ve read the same old sh!t **atleast** 50 times, written it no less than 10 times. No more wondering, whether to take the Z-transform, or the DFT or DTFT or DTFS or FS, just to get some random bunch of nubmers convolveD! Who the hell cares about convolution, you toss in some random numbers, you get more random numbers, which absolutely no relation. No more wondering whether to use Time Shifting or Frequency shifting, whether to apply Periodicity or Parseval’s theorem to get more junk of numbers.

No more using of Simplex method, and wondering, whether to Use Big M penalty method or Two-Phase method, whether to choose, VAM, North-West Method, Transportation Algorithm. No more mugging up of gazzilion ways of fabricating Optical Fibers, Semi-Conductors, Junction Diodes n what not. No more obscure acronyms like the aforementioned DTFT, FT, FS, DTFs, TRAPATT, IMPATT, BARITT, VAM etc etc.

Finally,no more of bullshit lecturers who think they know-it-all but are unable to answer even the simplest of queries(Does resistor have polarity??? Hell NO!!!!!). No more. Thank God.

PS: If all some/all of the above made no sense to you, you’ve no idea how lucky you are!

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