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Weekly notes 44/2023

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Thumbnail image: The Strand Arcade is a heritage-listed Victorian-style retail arcade located at 195–197 Pitt Street in Sydney, New South Wales.

What’s been happening #

  • AWS re:Invent month is here! Slightly screaming in panic, anticipation and excitement. My talk (NET327 | Improve web application performance using AWS Global Accelerator) does not have reserved seating available anymore, only walkups. I also have my second dry run scheduled for this week.

    • If you are heading to re:Invent and looking for tips, check out my guide for Reliability Engineers for some session recommendations tailored to SREs.
  • I’ll be giving a talk at the next Sydney SaaS on AWS Meetup this Wednesday on “Running containers on AWS”. I’ll publish the slides as usual on my tech blog.

  • It’s Blizzcon weekend, and Diablo IV’s new expansion - “Vessel of Hatred” - was announced. The new expansion will continue the story that was, IMO, awkwardly stopped midway and will focus on Torajan jungles. There’s a new class that’s coming, but the expansion is still about a year away, so should have decent time to find more details over time.

    • On that note, my Diablo IV Seasonal Druid is coming along pretty well - completed the first capstone dungeon at level 43 (sadly, wasn’t recording it) and I’m at level 50 now - all set to get into the end game. I’m not sure if I will have the time/patience to get to level 100, I might start another character.
  • At the start of the year, I bought a SecretLab Titan Evo for myself, replacing the earlier Ikea chair. Since then I’d been asking Jo to get one for herself. She always declined, saying it was okay even though I felt otherwise. When I was vacationing in India, Jo borrowed my chair and started using it. On my return, I took my chair back and she realized her old chair wasn’t usable anymore 😂😆. So now there’s a second SecretLab Titan Evo chair in the house. If you’re thinking of getting one - it is highly recommended by both of us!

    SecretLab Titan Evo

  • Jo & I started going for more walks around our house after work. It’s been pretty nice, especially since the temperatures have reduced in the past few weeks. Enjoy some photos from our walks.

    Anzac Memorial

    Crown Street Public School

    Harmony Park

    Sandringham Memorial Garden and Fountain at Hyde Park

    Jacaranda flowers in Bloom

Music of the Week #

Baldur’s Gate 3 has some amazing music, and I found this awesome performance of the opening theme - The Symphony of Sin.

I spotted this thread about “What’s your go-to self-hosted YouTube channel?” on Reddit. If you’re planning to get into self-hosting, or want to get some ideas about self-hosting, check out Nemo’s and Karan’s blogs (and talks) - they have excellent write-ups. Bonus plug for my NAS.

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