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6 Months…

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That’s how long I’ve been in Chennai, working for 3i Infotech.
I can’t believe that 6 months have gone by so fast. I still remember the days after I’d given my interview for the job at 3i, checking mails every hour after the prescribed day(ie, a week after the interview) to check for status on whether I’ve been selected or not. On the D-Day(it was a Saturday), I was pretty ecstatic to know that I’ve been selected for the job(My Mom told me I yelled out so loud she thought I received an electric-shock! ❗ ) On July 5th, I left Mangalore, my beloved hometown for Chennai. Initially when I got the info that Chennai would be my place of posting, I was like 😕 So far, it’s been a mixed bag. Made some pretty good friends here, the weather is similar to Mangalore, only a bit hotter(frankly, I wouldn’t know as I’m in office the whole day). The Auto-Drivers are fleecers, more than any other city auto-wallahs), and people have no driving sense *at all*. They don’t know what “Stop and Proceed” mean! I’ve also lost weight - more than 10 kilos 😐
On the good side, I’ve been fortunate enough to be under a good project with good team-mates. The learning curve has been pretty steep, after all Insurance and it’s related concepts is not easy to grasp. I’m learning new things everyday, and never thought Insurance would be this complicated! I’m still a trainee though - that tag will still stick to me for another 6 months. So here’s me hoping that the next 6 months will be even better!