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I’ve been posting on Tech2 forums for over 8 months now(strictly speaking according to my join date, it’s been more than a year but I was active from April onwards) & I’ve made some good friends with fellow techies. I always wished to meet up with them. Last month, my wish came true. You see, Reetesh(another Moderator at tech2) had informed me couple of days ago that he’ll be on a trip to Tirupathi and will not be online. The previous day I received a mail from Reetesh telling me that he’ll be visiting Chennai and asked me if we could meet on Dec 25. I immediately replied back saying that we could meet up. Unfortunately I had to work on 25th, and I thought I wont be able to meet up, but finally Reetesh and me met up at Spencer’s Plaza. We had a nice time, discussing about all things techie–the current state of forums, the newest games, the latest trends, certain idiotic users, what’ll be condition of forums after the recent TV-18 group taking over Infomedia(Publishers of CHIP magazine) and things non-techie, about how life goes on etc. Reetesh tried his best to obtain Guitar Hero, but was unsuccessful in getting it–we tried all shops, Landmark, music world, small shops which sell original and Pirated Games. And yeah my sense of directions(or lack of it, 😕 meant that we must’ve circled the same area over 5 times 😯 (Reetesh, remember Pantaloons, CD Byte?? LOLOL) Overall it was a really nice experience! Hope to meet more people!

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