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My Room Gets Raided!

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Well there are somethings which I thought I’d never see. Now as I’ve seen it all(ok, almost all!)

The setting: Yesterday night/today early morning
The time: 2:00 AM
The Place: Cristal Guest House, Chennai, the guest house where I stay.

I was sleeping blissfully, having a good night’s sleep. Then all of a sudden, I hear a faint buzz. Thought that was just me dreaming. Then, BUZZ again. And then the door starts banging. I was half awake now, cursing the person who might be buzzing the room at this unearthly hour. I open the door, only for finds Cops staring at me ❗ At this moment, I was still in a very dazed state, and then seeing cops banging the doors of other rooms I realize that this is no dream!
Here’s the talk I had with the Cop:

Cop: How many people in room?
Me: 2
Cop: Let me see (and then he peeks in)
Cop: What you doing here?
Me: Working in Chennai
Cop: Show id card
Me: Here(and shows him my 3i Infotech ID Card)
Cop: Ok oK
Me(tell my Roomie): Arre Adi, show him your id na(my roomie was too sleepy and had no idea what’s happening)
Cop: It’s ok
Then the Cop shifts his focus to other room
Me: Can we please go back to sleep now??
Cop: OK OK

I was like whaa…. :-?? with this whole incident!