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My Laptop Chronicles: Obtaining(or trying to obtain) a BSNL EVDO connection Part 1

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Ever since my guest house owner denied me permission to draw a 2MM cable for TATA Indicom broadband, I’ve been searching for alternatives, so that I can get atleast a decent net connection. For the past month or so, I’ve been trying out AirTel’s EDGE USB modem option, but this net connection sucks harder than the blackhole. Another good alternative is BSNL’s EVDO service, but then the service was launched recently, and BSNL staff are ignorant about the service. Even BSNL’s site has nomention of EVDO service, though the site is apparently up-to-date 8-| (atleast that’s what the site claims)
Thankfully I’ve found a good site on BSNL EVDO, run by Santhosh aka Gigacore. So today being the(Saturdays, that is) only day I’m free, decided to head over to the BSNL exchange at Triplicane, Chennai.
The building was rather small, and I was apprehensive on whether I’ll get the device or not. Entered the building. It was empty, except for one person, who informed me today’s a holiday. Here’s the conversation I had with that guy.

Me: I want to take a EVDO connection. Can I get the connection here?
BSNL guy(BG): EVDO? What’s that? ( 😐 )EVDO is thatt…service.. for Wireless net connection
BG: Oh wireless, Take ADSL connection and we give WiFi router
Me: no, no, not that. EVDO uses CDMA 1x for wireless net access
BG: CDMA yaaa? We(BSNL) dont have CDMA service(!!! :-/ 8-| )
Me: Err…..
BG: Why you want CDMA wireless access, take ADSL, it’s better_(hey atleast he’s making a valid point)_
Me: I cant take ADSL, the guest house owner won’t let me draw the wire
BG: Oh. I see. CDMA I think we dont have. You goto, #146, Greames Road, to Customer Service centre. They know better. Talk to Mr Srinivas, he’ll know, most others won’t know_(atleast he’s being honest!)_
Me: Ok. Thanks, I’ll go there(leave the exchange).

Oh well, atleast he pointed me in some direction!! I didn’t goto that place, as today’s a holiday. So that’ll have to be done next week 🙁